Parnell needs tips


So, have to grind this guy to get to torvald. I’m having some trouble using his kit and someone called me the worst assault ever and to Uninstall the game.

So what’s the deal. The rocket launcher is hard to aim against mobile monsters. The shotgun shoots at close range. … But it’s spread prevents any major damage from occurring. When it was pressuring me I used shield and berserk.

What am I missing. Or is he just the worst?


You don’t have to touch Tier 3 to get to tier 4. Devs said it multiple times.

Has that changed?

Also, for Parnell tips: Paging @Shin and @TheFeralMerc.


As Parnell, your best friend is Cabot; in lore, and game. When your aiming with your shotgun and rockets, move in close. Aim for the center mass, for 1.0 times damage. Avoid limbs, for they cause 0.5 times damage. While aiming at the body, always move in for headshots. Super Soldier, and Damage Amp; makes for some amazing open field damage.

Rockets are actually quite fast, but they aren’t always easy to land. Try to predict where the monster is moving, and shoot there. Takes some practice, and it’s still going to be hard; but you will get used to it.

I actually prefer Capacity on both assault. Parnell is amazing with more shotgun shells; at close range. More mortars on Torvald, make for some heavy long range damage. Only pop Super Soldier when you’re in close, and have decent aim. Especially when the monster is attacking team members, they will often be too distracted to avoid you.

Only use your shield, at around 15-40%, depending on how hard you’re being pressured. If you’re being targeted, and about to be hit by a rank 3 rock throw/warp blast; and your support can’t help, use it to avoid it.


Ty. I appreciate the Tips.


Actually, I believe that Abe and Parnell are closer friends. (Unless something big happens in the sword part three)

@Forestlight Honestly Parnell is very easy to use. You only have one job, DO THE DAMAGE. But, it can be broken down into section on how to do “the damage” First off son’t use the rocket launcher. This might sound like a bad idea at first but currently Parnell’s rocket launcher is comparable to a wet noodle and should only be used to complete masteries. Second just get close to the monster. The monster is your best friend in the whole world once you’re on the battlefield. You don’t want to give the monster any breathing room seeing how the shotgun is the most effective.

Now for the shotgun and super solider. Honestly don’t let go off the right trigger, or what ever you use to shoot, as long as you can see the monster. Also, if you are having a hard time aiming I recommend mashing or feathering the left trigger (aiming) and letting the auto aim do all the work for you. Don’t use the super solider at the begging of the battle. Make sure the monster won’t be able to get away from you once you use his ability.

As for perks I recommend using reload speed. Super solider comes back faster and you maximize the damage done with rage trooper as well as general combat.


I’m currently top 100 Parnell on PC, you should aim for the stomach of all the monsters and try and hug them as much as they can, swap to rocket launcher when your shotgun runs out then swap back.
Use soldier when you know you can reliably do the damages with it.
I take jetpack recharge, being able to be mobile in the dome is much better than using your soldier and it runs out because they run away from you.
Mobility is key in games like this and with the speed and jump buffs from super soldier jetpack recharge is indeed the way of the world.
I’ve used capacity and reload speed and even DAMAGE and quick switch for a long time but jetpack recharge is the way to be able to be doing damage constantly rather than only in short bursts when someone is focused.

Hope I could help!


Just double checked and looks like me playing the new hunters has made my rank drop a little by not playing


If you’re playing a map with a sloth, take capacity and rush to sloth, if not take damage. Only use super after the monster’s used their {main} ability, eg vortex decoy. Nothing worse than popping super and using it on a decoy or getting thrown across the dome. Good wraith players will wait for you to pop it, dash off and decoy. Best time to hit a wraith with pretty much anything is supernova.


Wait… somebody didn’t tip Parnell after their meal? Poor Parnell earning below minimum wage.


I always play with a team, therefor, I trust my medic to keep me alive. Because of this, my playstyle is EXTREMELY aggressive and consists of staying on top of the monster AT ALL TIMES.

My old strategy was, like @Shin said, get a damage amp on that bitch and call it a night. With a good trapper my matches were averaging like 4 minutes. Usually one dome.

Usually we would run in, I call for the damage amp in a nice open spot, and Super Soldier the monster to death. If the trapper has any traps set up or a harpoon, even better. I stand in front of the monster doing and taking damage until I’m about to die and then pop shield. Empty the shotgun clip, switch to the rocket, empty that, switch back. Don’t let go of the right trigger. Just keep mashing the left trigger for that aim assist.

Once the shield is on, I call for heals. By the time the shield is gone, I’m at full health and still on the monster dealing damage. If you’re not comfortable with this, keep some distance. The shotgun hits further than you think. Punish fleeing monsters with your rockets. Thanks TRS for the accuracy boost.

I usually use capacity increase as my perk, although I’m curious about reload speed after reading @Radical_Scopez advice.

Hope this helps.

Bonus. Me trolling:


Thanks guys. Tried these tips and it doubled my damage output vs. Ai. Won’t be as embarrassed about talking him public anymore. Strangely, I still do better with bucket or sunny for damage though.


I made a thread called “so I suck as Parnell” a couple weeks ago when I was having a lot of trouble with him. Got a lot of helpful tips from that thread, and now Parnell is my second highest damaging assault (behind Torvald). The tips that helped me the most were feathering the auto aim trigger, and using the capacity perk unless the medic is laz. Super soldier will kind of become second nature. The rocket launcher honestly I only use for masteries or when the monster is out of shotgun range