Parnell is so meh... buff him?

Nuff said


How is that list calculated if I may ask? Out of curiosity

It comes from MacMan, on his thread.

Should be able to find some of the stuff in this area.

Thank you, kind sir.

No problem. He updates it occasionally.

See the Parnell isnt the highest dmg dealer. MacMan said that in the graph the dmg dealt to Parnell by SuperSoldier is counted too and they have to fix it. So then I believe he will be at Markov’s level

Basically every time he activates it, he pops in 20% damage to self. Not too much, but slowly adds up. He tends to pull out more damage with the Supersoldier than he takes. Hunters health pools aren’t that large.

And I’m not sure, Markov’s damage blows quite a bit. He’s easily the worst assault in the game.

Why I always run health regeneration.

I run Capacity, healer does decent enough jobs.

I still think this is a myth :stuck_out_tongue: Nobody ever plays Parnell… The only character I see less than Parnell is… Bucket.

EVERY time I play Parnell, people tell me to uninstall the game :crying_cat_face:

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Like 12% of assaults play Parnell I believe.

He’s the least played Assault, because most people can’t aim. ^.-


If you cinsider that he will pull supersoldiet it 5-7 times during a match , it can make a nice count in dmg and in that graph.

Also Hunters hp arent THAT small too.

That’s because the rest of us were peer-pressured into uninstalling the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I can end up doing 30-40k with shotgun, and 15-25k with rockets in a decent game of Parnell. He’s not bad.

Not including Super Soldier damage.

Never submit to peer pressure.


With Caira, hunters HP can be perpetual. Battle tested.

Nothing wrong with Parnell, unless you can’t aim or use Super Soldier at the right time.

Aiming is a little off at times though if you’re playing in a poor latency server, especially with Wraiths who are a smaller target.

I find Parnell boring as hell though, he’s so straight forward it’s an utter borefest to play him.

It’s always good to give the healer one less person to worry about unless it’s Caira.

Gotta keep them on their toes.

Are you talking only about dmg dealt to monster or also to wildlife ?