Parnell is so meh... buff him?

Is it only me or also others noticed ?

Even though he is supposed to be the Assault who can dish greatest DPS, but in reality he isnt.

Yea with Cabot combo it awesome but without him … Meh.

The shotgun is so inaccurate at medium to long ranges and not talking about rocket launcher .

Even when I was sitting infront of Goliath face with supersoldier active, the dmg from shotgun was kinda weak…

I dunno if it was caused by the high spread of shotgun, but I was able to dish equal dmg with Hyde’s Flamethrover.

He is also the least played assault from all.

Or am I doing something wrong that I cant get enough dmg from him?

He’s still pulling best DPS, is he not?


He deals the most amount of damage all ranges with or without the super-soldier !!!

He is least played because you actually need to aim to deal some damage !

The first thing that came to my mind when i saw the post was Learn2Aim-Nooob :stuck_out_tongue:


He has a very high win rare at 40.

And has the most damage output in the game.


Hes the one assault that makes me overly wary of my usual bully mode, I always push someone into corners to burst them down but with Parnell, that puts my face at the end of his Shotty, and “Oh look at that, half my health is gone”


I think I was aiming quite well, but the dmg was… Dunno… Meh

Are you hitting limbs? Limbs cause your damage to deal .5 times damage. Body 1.0 times damage. Head 2.0 times damage.

Most of shots were body shots , so thats why I was surprised by the low dmg output , even thou I was landing most of my shots .

Never had that feeling with Parnell ._.

Not sure why your damage is so low then. Parnell is one of my favorite assaults, because he’s really good at damage.

Yeah, you can’t sit there with him. You literally hand him the key to your healthbar. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have as main Hyde because, thats the dmg I call High, about 40K per match.

Dunno maybe I will make a video of me playing as Parnell, and you guys might find some mistakes I was doing.

Are we playing the same game? Parnell is a great assault, especially when it comes to mobile direct damage. Maybe your Super Soldier didn’t work because it’s currently bugged.

Wow really? He can do crazy amounts of damage when used right

Also if you can gimme a link on some great Parnell twitch/YT players, I will be grateful

I think Parnell is becoming one of the only assaults that can deal with brutal monster players. He punishes the monster for getting in his face with the end of barrel pumping lead into the monsters face. It felts like he deals with Behemoth very well as well.

Also @Shin Cabot is really underperforming in that graphic you posted. Holy Toledo he is doing less damage than a trapper and less than slim.

No, that’s because his damage amp is not taken into account.

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize shotguns were long range weapons. I suppose the other assault’s flame thrower and lightning gun are as well? Hm, TRS must’ve got this way off. Please, carry on.

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Oh ok. Still though…

Oke you are right about that long range , maybe I shouldnt wrote it there. Lets say it is only inaccurate in medium ranges.
So your choice is Rocket launcher.

If you compare Assault rifle or Minigun to Rocket launcher, RL is like bubblegun.
Hardly to hit target, f.e.moving Flying Kraken