Parnell buff?


Does parnell need a buff?

  • Yes
  • No

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Why or why not? please collaborate :blush:


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He’s a strong assault at the moment. He’ll be even stronger once Val gets her heal burst buff. I’m betting he’ll be god tier next patch.


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He’s not that strong with laz from what I’ve exp although in theory laz Cabot Parnell ABE sounds pretty good

I would like everyone's opinion of Parnell's rockets

With the hold the dome meta having a chance again, and with Val/Laz becoming top tier medics (or they should be with both a Caira and Slim nerf) I don’t see why he wouldn’t become the number on assault. He still does a ton of damage at the moment. Pair a Cabot on top of him and super melt will occur.


Just because he does as much damage doesn’t mean he is as good as the other assaults. Hyde, Markov and Torvald to a lesser degree offer great defensive utility.
So my theory is Parnell should make up for his lack of utility for the added damage. I think they need to increase Shotgun’s range just a little bit and then maybe increase his rocket reload speed but that probably isn’t needed.
Another buff I could see doing it is increasing his weapons capacity… idk by how much.


He really needs something clip sounds good although it would inadvertently buff the capacity buff but what they’ll actually do I’m not quite sure and to task force I think Markov pairs well with val really well to you might just see more markovs


Honestly, (and I loath saying this) this feels like a good old case of “get good”, Parnell’s the most inconsistent assault for a reason. He’s high-risk high-reward. And there’s a lot of evidence out there that says that Parnell does good damage.

The fact that people think he’s a scary character when played well partially proves my point. He can do great, the only thing that would come from changing him would be more people playing him. And I am not in favor of changing him, because he’s an excitement to play now.

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The ONLY thing I would give parnell, is the dynamic shot-gun accuracy abe/slim have- To help him with kraken/wraith a smidgen.

But overall? Parnell does NOT, imo, need a buff.

I think the problem is, overall, parnells a pretty BALANCED assault. This means that in incapable hands, against decent monsters, hell get stomped. This also means that in good hands, against a good monster, itll be a TOUGH close fight. Which is EXACTLY what we should be seeing if/when things are “balanced”. Which is probably why (i think so anyways) a lot of people think he needs buffed.


I think giving Parnell a tighter spread with his shotgun at longer ranges (much like Abe’s buckshot at long range) will make him much more viable and consistent. As of now, Parnell vs kraken is a joke if the kraken hugs the sky limit and you would be lucky if half of your pellets land. Same with wraith, his shotgun isn’t very consistent damage.


You shouldn’t be using the Shotgun against the Kraken who’s hugging the sky, that’s where the Rocket Launcher comes in, but the problem is that the spread and projectile speed make it inconsistent against Kraken and distant targets.

IMO Rockets should have reduced spread and a projectile speed buff.

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I think the obvious counter to your argument is slim and how it’s easier to be a good slim than a good Parnell
Parnells saving grace is the ability to get headshots but his saving grace is also his biggest problem being he can also hit limbs
But another problem lies with rockets having low projectile speeds and thus being hard to land and inconsistent
And consistency is meta on consoles because the burst is too easy to avoid


Im not terribly sure what that counters?


Honestly I d even know anymore in typing while watching walking dead so some things may not make sense


I’d like his rocket launcher buffed a bit. Bigger explosion radius, faster rockets, rockets that increase damage over distance, something extra.


I feel like he needs just a tiny buff to his kit, like more powerful missiles to buff his ranged game, but other than that, he doesn’t really need one.