Parnell and supersoldier


so this one time i was playing parnell in the beta
popped supersoldier and got pounced shortly after
as i was flailing around i tried to to press the left mouse button and parnell starts shooting his shotgun everywhere freeing me from the pounce…did this happen or did my eyes deceive me?

can parnell free himself from a pounce when he is buffed ?


There is an animation glitch/bug that allows anyone that is pounced, whether its a plant, tyrant, megamouth, or monster to ‘de-pounce’ yourself. It’s really lame and needs to be fixed. Not sure how it happens, but it doesn’t work if you hold downt he button, you have to be spamming it. If you happen to get the right ‘animation’ refresh, you will depounce yourself.

Any Hunter with a ‘gun’ out can do this. Obviously dust tag, sentries etc… won’t work.


oh okay that makes me sad :frowning: i actually thought supersoldier had some hidden uses


Well if your firing as you get pounced it cancels it but thats more of a timing thing then anything else


Ya, that one I’m more or less ok with. It’s the, you are on the ground alone and hoot me off after being hit a few times >.<