Parnell and Sunny are still OP


For all of the overhyped drama about the OP monsters, nobody is talking about how two of the strongest hunters were basically left untouched. People are losing more because of experimentation, but once they realize the old favorites still work their attitudes will slingshot back.

Starting with Parnell, his chasing is as toxic as ever. The Super Soldier ability does very little self inflicted damage, making the risk of using it extremely low. High level hunters, silver Destroyer and up, use this in conjunction with Sunny to boost Parnell, Parnell activates super soldier and launches volleys of rockets to prevent feeding. The “counter” is to sneak away, but some monsters have such slow sneaking speeds or Maggie is used so sneaking is nullified so there’s little counter play to be had from the monsters side. The damage nerf to rockets was justified, but it still doesn’t tone down parnells insane harassment ability. In addition to his strong chasing skills, he’s still a very strong dome and arena fighter, making him the best overall assaults in the game. Acxording to recent telemetry he has the highest damage output in the game.

Sunny is still the top support despite getting reworked, her jet pack boost has too much utility, just like Parnell, on the chase and in the dome. Combine sunny with an assault with extra chase ability, like Parnell or Lennox, and it makes it very hard to eat and stage up or even get just a bit of breathing room. This wouldn’t be a huge problem if sunny was let so strong at both the chase and in dome fighting. The jet pack boost is very good in the dome making abilities very difficult to land.

Her drone is still overpowered and is a constant nuisance. Kill it and it goes right back up again. Leaving it there isn’t an option if the hunters are doing well; it’s impossible to focus down a hunter and depending on the monster “spreading out the damage” is not the viable option.

Sunny and Parnell both continue to sit in tier S, and hunters don’t seem to mind. Especially the ones farming wins with them.

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You need to have good hunters with good damage because monsters instakill you. Looking at you Kelder.


I agree to the Sunny/Parnell chase thing being overpowered but Sunny herself is not overpowered. Her damage is decently low which is ok but the jetpack booster is really only good in dome but in the chase it’s not too op. The shield drone is incredibly easy to kill and yea it can be placed again immediately but there’s like a 5 sec downtime before it shields anybody.


Yeah sunny still sucks. For me it’s mainly her drone. Her boost is strong and that’s ok but it becomes a hell of a lot more questionable that her drone is so powerful. Bring it down or possibly rework it and she could be fair.

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I don’t see Parnell or Sunny being that toxic. Sunny is still in a weird spot but as monster, I have no problem luring them into a spot where she can’t place a drone.

Chase is tough with Sunny, but Parnell only gets a small JB/MS buff and I never worry about him. Sunny’s velocity was toned down in the MP.

If you want to escape these comps, try Wraith with Traversal Recharge.


I dont know how the world looks on pc at the moment but on console monsters are OP. Especially Gorgon and Kelder.

Only Goliath is in a good spot!

Parnell is at the moment the only little chance to get damage on the monster with cabot. Sunny is no choice atm on console in high level play.


I only play Goliath he brought me to silver master.

I believe he’s the only monster that requires skill (just my opinion) I can lose to a Goliath all day I won’t get mad he’s a fair monster.


I would argue that Sunny does still too much damage. I get regularly over 10k damage, and I concentrate on keeping people alive. Take movement speed/JP (probably not the best perks, but had some nice chasing going on couple of days) with her and you can keep everybody on the monster. With Parnell + Val (if she can keep the tranqs in) + Sunny, I can imagine the feeling on the monster.

If Sunny is balanced, then every other support apart Hank needs a small boost. Otherwise Sunny is just too appealing to use.


No more excuses.


I agree with you on some levels, but it highly depends on the monster you choose. If you choose gorgon, this comp is garbage. Against kraken? You’re gonna have a bad time. Sunny is not OP whatsoever, neither is Parnell. Put together? Yes they are very strong, just like val + sunny. Sunny’s chase game is not strong anymore unless you have Griff, and her utility is the only thing that keeps her viable. Any nerfs on her jpb would be ridiculous, especially on the META we’re in now.


Agreed. I think that the only thing Sunny needs is a deploy time on her drone to stop her from throwing it out while being focused, but otherwise she’s fine. The problem lies withParnell and the movement speed perk. If he didn’t have the movement speed buff while in SS and the perk was nerfed, the chase comp would not be OP anymore.



Also if the there is a deploy time I think the health should be raised a smidge to compensate, otherwise she’s fine.



For sure. Also, it would help the devs a lot in making sure she couldn’t abuse ridiculous drone spots anymore. Instead of having to be conscious of abuse-able pillars and such when editing the maps, they could just give her a deploy time to get rid of the cases where she can fly up and get the drone to turn blue for a second, placing it in the most absurd locations.


I feel like your all pubstars


Well armor after evolve is 35% now, which is insane (and I’m a monster player), was added to mainly counter this.


Look everyone! Another OP thread!

To prevent this from being flagged “Off-topic” again, I personally don’t find Sunny or Parnell that dangerous, especially as Behemoth or Goliath. That doesn’t make them weak either, just if their character is not used correctly or skillfully, it can be avoided.


Parnell is slower than any other hunter who runs movement speed (looking at the trapper). And is the same speed with the perk as the others. The only mobility advantage he has is his jump height, which is a very minor and situational boost.

If Parnell is the fastest hunter on the team that means the whole team is not running movement bonuses, so you should have less trouble escaping them than a movement speed using team.

The biggest factor here is that Parnell players who use SS to chase know what they are doing, and their skills are what makes escape difficult, not just the inherent advantages of SS.


Val,Sunny,Griff,Parnell all with movement speed all the way.:kissing:


Parnell got a nerf, unwarranted imo, he still does good damage but noe enough against the mosters now. And sunny has been dead for awhile, She has been nerfed hard. Does no damage anymore and her booster is real weak. Shield drone is easily countered because one hit its dead and takes 8 seconds to come back.