Parasite Monster idea 2.0

I don’t see the point in arguing if devs came with ice bob idea with or without the community. Unless there is any tangible proof. Is there any point in continuing the discussion in this direction ?

Was there any reason to start it?

Well, you told me I missed the news. So I asked if there was any confirmation ? Then you answer me by a question.
Am I talking to a wall or something ?

No. Any more irrational questions or are you done?


You then continued the discussion by asking if there was a need for it. Now, each to their own, but to me, that doesn’t seem logical.

Unless you are trolling me, I do not understand you at all Sir.
Let’s stop it here please.

good idea but i myself would personally want to see the parasite from early metamorphosis development ideas as seen here. image
that is just me, although i believe turtle rock could do great things with this monster in the future should they decide to work on it. but for now i believe bug fixes and balancing are priority. so it would take some time if a parasite monster was to be developed. but then again we can never know as trs has been doing a great job with patches so far, they could probably get the parasite monster in a few months.

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