Parasite Monster idea 2.0

Note : Link this to the monster Ideas discussion plz. I made a discussion instead of commenting because i feel like forum users generally ignore long comments.

I though of the parasite monster i dea i had and i dont think a monster that goes into a wildlife animal’s body will work. So i did a little rethinking and got a idea based of Alien aka the Xenomorpth.

To summerize, when the monster evers it can evolve over a dead wildlife corpse to gain a respected mini buff from that animal. (that can count as its passive). It doesnt have to though , it can still evolve normally anywhere but if it evolves over a animal it gains a respected mini buff from that animal.

The Xenomortph from Alien hatches from a planet’s local wildlife to make it easier adapteble to the planet , by mixing it’s victim’s DNA with its own DNA/HNA. The same can be done here.

If for say it evolves over a Armadon it gets a 5 % damage resist buff. if over a reaver it gets 10 % climbing speed , and so on.

What do you think about the idea.


would be cool if said monster also got personalized buffs from evolving on hunters, like evolving on sunny for example gives you damage resistance and extra traversals both at the same time. :laughing:

Sadly, I don’t recall ever any player suggestion for characters, in any game, to appear in the final product. So in that sense, it’s sad to say but I feel it’s pointless to debate about stuff between us, because we are not the ones making the actual game. It’s just fantasizing.

Nevertheless, I’m a HUGE Alien fan. And the idea of getting buffs from different dna is neat. Props to you Sir.

remember it consumes organiz matter. It will get the same DNA results from any human, their gear doesnt matter. There may be a diffrence between the sexes but lets not make it that complicated.

well , this BIG coincedence happend long ago with Evolve’s chracter suggestion, But i once sugested a melee based hunter that can exchange blows with the monster. 2 months later we get lennox. Now i dont want to say that they got the idea from me but still…

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better with kala then, he’d get a dna from other monsters. creating the ultimate killing machine.

I admire your optimism buddy !

Yeah actualy , because the monsters are actually the one and the same building blocks but they just have diffrent forms . If he evovled with Kala’s DNA , It would become a fusion beast of Goliath , Kraken and Wraith. + a little bit of itself. That thing will be unstopable

Ice behe also started from 1 player suggestion following many other
If we show ebough support we might see this

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seems good

Really? Guess you’ve missed the Bobcicle news.

Devs could have also come up with the idea by themselves btw. They also have brains. Have they said the idea came first from players ?

I think depending on what wildlife it evolves from is what will determine it’s form. If it mostly ate beefy wildlife such as megamouths and sloths it would become tankier and more of a brute.

If it mostly at faster and medium sized wildlife, it would be similar to goliath and kraken. Eating tiny wild life would turn the monster into a glass cannon and make it really fast.

It’s looks also get determined upon what kind of wildlife you eat. It has 3 types of looks, big and brutish, balanced and medium, small agile and fast strong hitter.

Have they said it didn’t?

Ice behe was hinted pretty much as soon as actual behe came out, in one of the dropship dialogs.
I haven’t heard that dialogue in a while now, but im sure they already had ice bob’s concept ready as soon as they started working on behe.

RE: evolving on wildlife - not going to happen most likely. Monster only gets to evolve 2 times, usually only 1. Most of the time the monster wouldnt have the ability, and when he does get it, he cant change it + it would be minor buff.

Instead, it might work as passive for a future monster, if the monster ( e.g kala mutation ) can get buffs from eating wildlife / hunters. So monster always has an extra buff based on what the last thing he ate was. If he heats a hunter, he gets a big buff, so it discourages feeding. If monster feeds on regular wildlife, he loses the great buff from hunter. Also, monster could become more picky eater, because he doesnt want to override an existing good buff.
It would add an interesting strategy to the game.

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I heard that the idea ztarted from a user suggesting a ice monster,
The community took that and started getting on behe since he looked like he could be made of ice.

Im pretty sure they didnt start working on Boi as soon as behe came out, they didnt have a lot of founds back then.

I think they started to work on him just before stage 2

I didnt say they started working on it as soon as behe came out, but that they had the concept / idea ready for behe’s variation. That’s why they hinted in a dropship convo and talked about a giant ice monster.

Similar thing is probably in place for kala. She keeps talking about mutating into something else, and other hunters have dialogues discussing his ultimate change.

I belive that conversation was just forbthe community, not specifically for bob

So if that’s your response, what was the point of your initial reply?