Paranormal Wraith Skin (Fan made skin)


Just wanted to see how many people like this skin I made. I think it looks pretty sick personally, but that’s obviously biased considering the fact that I made it. So what do you guys think of Paranormal Wraith?


Id buy it, IGN 11/10


A green wraith would be awesome. Even more so if they could make it just a little translucent.


To be honest, I feel it doesn’t really live up to the name. It’s effectively behemoth’s Jade skin for Wraith. It should have a little more, I dunno, pizzazz. Some more interesting patterns or something. The base color is a good start, however. And hey, I believe the cosmic skins started as concepts here on the forums, unless I’m much mistaken. Keep up the good work.

@TheMountainThatRoars That is EXACTLY what this skin needs. Especially if the “bones” were not translucent, giving the Wraith the skeletal look of a, well, Wraith.


Thanks home skillet. I tried to make it look as creepy as possible, look like it was night-vision-ish, if that makes any sense.


Thanks for the constructive criticism! I’ll work on it a bit more.


I shall now go into the shop of photos and 1 up you.
Ill make a Goliath skin.
Its gonna be fantastic.
I need photoshop.


GIMP is free!


Oooo i like freee


Quirkly, ARISE!


How’s the work going, @Rapterror? I have to admit, I’ve been looking forward to seeing the updated version of the skin.


Hm? Oh, to be honest, I’ve been much more preoccupied with other IRL things. I haven’t even touched Evolve in about a week.