"Paragon Levels"


I was thinking we could have a form of Paragon Levels, like in Diablo 3. But instead of giving stat bonuses, it gives you a badge next to your name of something, depending on what level you are. So if you are level 40, you can be paragon 5000 is you leveled that far. When you reach max level, you then start gaining bonus levels, that don’t do anything for you except show players how long you have been playing and such.

I would honestly love this option, but let me know what you all think we could do, if we did have a system like this.

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I like the idea of having a little bonus to showcase you’ve been playing the game for so long or one class for so long. I think its something turtle rock should definitely look into post launch.


I’m glad you agree. I also want them character split. As in, if I played Maggie forever, I want Maggie to get those paragon levels, and not the account. So people can see how much you play that specific Hunter.


Not exactly that but in addition to the Elite skins it’s kind of neat because each character has a base badge design you can use for your little badge design. As you level them through the tiers of mastery you unlock slightly more complex versions of each base design. Abe has a roaring monster and at mastery level 2 you unlock the same badge but with stripes and and the level 3 it has horns and a collar.

Eventually everyone will probably have everything and just pick which designs they think look cool BUT it was cool in the beta because someone would join, pick Hyde and have the leveled up wolf face thing with knives in it and I’d think “Oh cool this guy knows how to play Hyde”


I had the Triceratops really high. Maggie gives it.


I feel like I would start to look like an addict when I hit paragon lvl 5000 within the first year which knowing my dedication to this game would be easily possible


Having something to go after reaching max rank (known as playing for a week) is a good thing.

I’m up an additional level that has high limit and is basically useless.


When I saw this topic my mind went straight to mass effects renegade and paragon system, and I had no idea how it would work. I can see this one working, specially as many players are gonna reach that level cap quickly


I think this could be cool. Rewards people who remain really dedicated to the game :smiley:


Yeah, that could be cool.

Maybe a little prestige thing too?

"Unlocked everything? Here’s a badge beside your name that changes based on how many times you’ve reset after have completely mastered your character. 10 per chara, basically just the class logo which goes under multiple slight modifications.

A prestige 10 goliath will likely have some sort of made up metal based medal, with 10 digits instead of 4.


Yeah, at some point you would have to prestige, could you imagine someone 500,000 paragon? Too many numbers, to see. I say after every 1,000 paragon you get a new prestige. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would have so much fun reaching every paragon level.


Just here to say that the word ‘Paragon’ has reminded me of City of Heroes, and now I am sad. ;p


I loved me some CoX. City of Villains was a ton of fun :slight_smile:


I just don’t want to reach max level, get all of the achievements, and then have nothing to do anymore or work towards. I have a habit of playing several thousand hours+ on games, so I want this one to keep going. It’s why I want Paragon Levels.


I’m surprised more people aren’t interested in this. I mentioned the idea of unlocking new skins, or even customizable skins for mastering a character multiple times.

I’m not 100% on what the reward should be, but I definitely think something like this should be implemented.


I only wish, it seems no one is interested in it though.


I would totally be interested. I found myself enjoying grinding stuff out rather a lot in the Beta. Maybe they could even implement something similar to the Gen system in Titanfall? Not identical, since I don’t know that that would work for Evolve, but the same ‘Take another run through the upgrade system to unlock a vanity thingy’ ethos.


Pretty sure something will come after a month or 2.Paragons level like diablo have(not giving stats tho) would be good.Not doing anything just existing there showing people how much you play.Or something like that at least.But eventually all will come down to Rank System.We gonna need a ranking system and a good one.


Well, there’s one way to see…

@macman @slabomeat What do you two think?


I don’t want anything like stats, that would be hard to balance, and it would be unneeded. All I want is something I can keep pushing, constantly. I want to put 4000 hours in the game, and keep getting my paragon level up, even after that amount of time. If I played 4000 hours, and I could not get anything more in the game, I would get annoyed, because it would feel like you were playing for nothing. I’m the type of person, that always loves a goal to work toward.