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Oof, I have been waiting for a Jungler forever! I know there Wukong, but people seem to rather play him as a Solo…which doesn’t make sense to me because of his passive


Holy fucking shit
Also morigesh’s face though


I see

MS Boost
CC Immunity


I want that Rev skin so bad!!! and this song!!


He’s a split pusher. If he’s jungling he ain’t pushing, which is not what should be happening.


Looks like her stun is similar to steel’s bonk. Her ult gives her cc immunity, but we don’t know what else it does. She has a double slice which probably has high cleave damage. And her shield seems to be like yin’s minus deflecting back, so that seems a bit lame.



Look at what ya boi earned :smiley:


So far, I’ve been able to get all the Winterfest items

Still need Rev and 1 WFChest for this week

And on other news, Narbash’s story was pretty dope


I didn’t check for winter events on paragon so I started playing a bunch since yesterday for the revenant skin >_<

I’m playing ai though :’>


No judgement here. That’s what I’ve been playing since v44 :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo what??? This is fucking art!?!


Terra getting shot at by Sparrow?

Edit: Oh, I thought you said “what is this fucking art”. My mistake.



Alright guys, I know what I’m doing all day :smirk:


Yo! That picture tho!


Wait, is paragon free?.. also, if it is, does epic plan to release on xbox as well?


It is free as of right now on PC and PS4, I don’t think they plan on releasing it for Xbox though



It just keeps happening.


Absolutely pathetic and it fucking sucks.They didn’t do shit to fix the game and have made countless mistakes they won’t own up to. Trying to turn the game into a fighter moba and leach out money from skins and such was the downfall of this game. idk why tf they keep saying they were trying to make a moba and yet make decisions that seemed to go against that. this whole situation is bs


Wow. That is a lot more extreme than I was expecting.


Didn’t think it would die this soon, but I kind of like it this way.
Better to end a bad thing early than try to reinvent the game a 3rd time when it is apparent the 2nd time went horrible.
Edit, the worse I feel is for this guy.

He believed so much in the game, I watched him a lot when I actually played the game. He still believed in it, and now he is heart broken about it.


I was gonna start the refund process and had to find the date I bought paragon. I got it April 25 2016. Paragon ends April 26th. :upside_down_face: