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I’m honestly having a really hard time getting into paragon lately. Feels like every update is one step forward two steps back; If only somebody could create a mod to put legacy back in. Monolith was getting better in V41 but after that I’m just not feeling it. I’ll come back once we get our much needed werewolf hero or legacy comes back methinks.


Well legacy ain’t coming back so.


Yeeep i’d give up on legacy. Best to let it go


You mean Boris? I know he’s a bear…but close enough, right?


Despite what I act like, I am actually an optimist, so you know what? There’s still a chance that epic will stop screwing the game and make it unique and Moba like again. They really didn’t need to waste the money making a new map.

It could be a gecko man, flower man, bear man or just a woman man. But unless it’s a wolf man then it’s close but no cigar for me.


God dammit.

Now I want a transgender character :joy:


Im just saying what epic has said multiple times, which is legacy is never coming back. I do agree that they’re fukcing the game up tho. Some head guy on the epic team left and since then it’s becoming meh.

What I want rn is the end of all this bs cc. There’s no reason gideon should have high burst, an escape, and a 3.5 s aoe stun. Rev should not have a root and slow. Wu shouldn’t have a root. Theres so much unnecessary cc and the duration of it is ridiculous. What’s most infuriating is there reason for the increased cc time. The time of cc is a bit scattered, so lets increase all of it so there’s no stronger cc because its all the same! Like wtf is that?


It’s all way to strong.

Level 4/5 bots are usually a team of all Stunners

Belica, Steel, Grux, Yin and then Sevarog. Basically back before CC increase three stuns and your dead.

Now it’s one followed up by 2 ultimates and your dead


Not to mention the UI is all cluttered now. I can hardly see. Monolith itself looks generic and the jungles are underwelming. The whole light and dawn thing isn’t really worked on too much making both sides feel the same. I do like the new minions though.

I just feel as though they’ve lost the direction their trying to take the game in.


The UI is fine, in future patches that are adding more customization to it

Generic? It’s looks amazing, it’s purely beautiful

Now you don’t really mean that…they delayed the new art designs by an entire month because they felt it wasn’t ready, they’ve worked really hard on it

The heavy minion, the one with a cannon. I wasn’t expecting a new firing animation so it spooked me when I saw that xD

They always knew the direction they wanted to take it in

They always knew they wanted the HUD reworked, they always knew they wanted a new card system.
Their direction can fall off with new/old players but some still love it

I understand these are your opinions, but opinions can’t exist without a little debate right?


I think it has a lotnof unnecessary elements and babies the player too much.

It can look good while still being generic, which I also think it is. It’s cramped and boring.

Wasn’t executed the best however. No doubt they worked hard, doesn’t mean the work is good.

The direction has changed massively since the game was first put on sale. It has now changed to be more of an arena brawler with lootboxes and color changed skins everywhere.


My main problem with the jungle is that it’s too boxy. Legacys jungles actually looked like jungles and weren’t very open. They were maze like and filled with interconnecting lanes, monoliths jungles are just one big open area. The characters attack way too fast and have worse animations then pre V42. In trying to make the game an “action Moba” they lost what truly made the game great.

Maybe legacy isn’t much like a Moba, I’ve certainly heard that complaint plenty of times. But who cares? Epic had a great game and they ruined it. It’s devolved into a 25 minute slogfest with almost no real strategy being put into normal games.




U confuse meh.


It’s some new image teaser for 44.4

Twinblast Skin, possibly back when he was in the Ying Mei (Well I mean younger state)


Here we go


Oh damn. Twinblast looks sick, his best skin yet.


Recently got back into the game, and I’m liking it thus far. It’s fun when you don’t get stupid teammates who don’t call their shit and never rotate.


I just want to know! Is Terra a Guardian or an Offlaner!

Maybe she’s a Mid because Countess is a Mid?


She’s definitely gonna be like a tanky character, so probably solo or jungle, maybe supp like possibly steel depending on her abilities.