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Someone tell me what the hell is going on


I wish I knew… I haven’t done an update or played since they decided to release another 7 gig patch on an already 30 gig game. I sometimes wonder if developers even know what compression is any more? now that they don’t have to smush it onto a physical disk and all… Drives me crazy with my less than optimal free wifi!!!

They fucking buffed towers boys
Damage and health


Ayy wassup Deity? Lmao

My boi Khai got some good ass buffs (not like he needed them)
Sevarog’s Siphon has been reworked to something I’ve always though he should have
The change on slows from Cosmic Rift to Void Breach are weird…I can barely hit the Breach anyways
And my boi Wukong got buffs too! (Still, not like he needed them)


Double Pain
Can no longer critically hit.



What’s good homie. Been busy college and work etc.
Still going through the notes as we speak


Just been doing life dawg :smile:

I am as well going through the notes. Form of Grubbies finally got released


Now applies a stacking 10% Slow for 1s when dealing Scar’s bonus Damage.
Now applies a 0.5s root to target.
Can now be cast while moving.
He’s gonna be a nasty champ


Ok i finished the notes.
Paragon’s making a comeback they’re finally listening. We have a foundation and now its time to build on it. This is shaping up nicely, even buffed towers which they said they’d never do . (Never say never) I’m proud of them.


Fucks it all up on v45


Hmm idk. I really like a lot of what I’m seeing, except the increases in time on cc, which I hate so much. I’ve always felt they were too long, and now they’re even higher. Still excited to play tho.


Been watching a ton of games. It’s whatever cc’s always been really strong in this game. Not many people take cleanses so it seems like an eternity od being stunned (looking at your rampage rock)
I’ve just coped with it and take cc cleanses it’ll save your life.

The beast of the patch right now is sev, he’s so strong its crazy. Everyone seems really good right now. I
They need to introduce more viable ways to cleanse yourself without completely sacrificing your kit.
The gem one is pretty good


Second game. Freezes. Close out and start again. Go to rejoin. Game crashes. ytho


Ask your computer if it’s “good bro”


Woot woot, Boris hypeeeee.





What if it is literal?
The bot controls movement while you control abilities?
That would just be awful.


I was kinda thinking mind control. Like a “force the enemy back” type thing.

Phase = Support
Zinx = Off/Solo Lane
Howitzer = Mid Lane
Boris = Carry? Doesn’t make sense to be a Jungler, I think (with the mind control idea / the being a bear idea is a Jungler type thing)

I was also thinking Mid because of how much Mana he would use if he was a mind controller


He liked it :slight_smile: