Paragon Game (Main Discussion Topic)


oof! I slept in and haven’t played yet!


I’m not sure what the hell I just hear.,… BUT I SWEAR I HEARD SIRENS



YESSSSS OMFG ITS SO COOL! They did it they actually did it


I’m in love with grux omfg, his rework is the best thing ever. I’m about to main this man


I’m thinking of changing from Rev & Yin to Rev & TBlast

Twinblast is like…the ranged Wukong for destroying structures. I love him a lot


My friend was playing rev and he has been fucking shit up, what gives why’s he seems so good all of a sudden.
He’s also been running that card that increases your xp but you lose gold


Because when you get to 25 Points in Agility Rev’s Reload Speed becomes less than .5s


They need to do something with Zinx she’s hot garbage .


Hot garbage

Disgusting, please grab the febreze and fix this furry!


How have you been liking your matches? It looks mixed through the community, i’m really enjoying the game again.


I’ve always enjoyed Paragon. But I’ve stopped playing PvP due to people that take advantage of Kallari and Countess builds for the OPness. But Coop has been a blast. People are smarter there than PvP. I play Solo mostly now to get stars.

PvP = Hate it
Coop = Bearable
Solo = Mostly play it


People don’t really play them anymore.


Which one? I listed 3 modes lol



Ohh I meant countess and kallari I don’t typically see them anymore.


Yep haven’t seen one. I like everyone playing a variety of characters makes me happy.


Wouldn’t that be…furbreze?


When I played, I saw nothing but them. I stopped playing, waiting for the time where they go out of the meta because they tilted me so bad.


This weeks Community Corner was WEAK


You’re the reason aliens don’t visit us.


They’d fuck us up if they did, so you’re welcome.