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Well, Cull the Weak was reworked but I’m not sure if 50 Health = 20% Health


Hot Pursuit
Ability has received updated visual and sound effects.

If it’s not police sirens i’ll be disappointed tbh.
Every time i use the passive i’m like “in hot pursuit roger that”


I would love this XD


Holy shit Twin blast sounds like a monster, great rework. Sounds like he could do some really good kiting.


These notes sound fantastic!! Black buff sounds awesome.
Bravo i’ll be playing this game a lot again

Them putting every 3 weeks on a break was smart, they needed to iron out these issues we’ve been begging for.


Raptor camp has been replaced by Fangtooth!
Killing Fangtooth grants the entire team a stack of ‘Mark of Fangtooth’, which provides buffs based on how many stacks the team has.
1st kill: +4 Power, +1000 Gold
2nd kill: +4 Power, +10% Out of Combat Movement Speed
3rd kill:+4 Power, +15% Non-Hero Damage
4th kill: +8 Power with each additional kill of Fangtooth

This is the equivalent of killing a dragon in league, they’re so important for snowballing. This is amazing.


I’d rather target Fangtooth than Orb Prime honestly. He sounds way more rewarding than OP.

Permanent and stacks. OP only gives 2min worth of goodies


Exactly, this is what this game has been missing. This helps teams comeback, or snowball. Then once you win a big teamfight you get orb and push with its buff making you guys nearly unstoppable. Ahhhh im so excited for Nov. 1st. These are sounding good, the core change is the only thing i’m skeptical about.


It deals way more damage

320 at a single target rather than 150 at all…I don’t know what they are thinking. I mean, it acts like a Tower targeting those who deal damage to Targets.

But wouldn’t it be smart to deal 150 Damage to all but increase it to 300 for Targets attacking the Core’s Ally?


We’ll need to see it that’s for sure. In that regard it reminds me of smites titans since they only do single target damage. The objective is for you to protect it rather then it to just murder everything though. So maybe it’s not terrible, I at least wanna see its attack speed.
Like if all your inhibs are gone i understand if it’s weak.


I think players and devs alike never meet eye to eye when it comes to towers in moba’s. I do think towers should do a little bit more damage. But if you die because you were kiting around the tower you’re supposed to be protecting you shouldn’t get mad, and blame it on the tower.You should’ve left as soon as you were being dived, and fled to your T2.
Like you know this man greystone has 2 lives don’t even bother kiting him, he’ll get you eventually, you’re a squishy carry.
At least that’s my take on towers in general, I hear that towers don’t do shit argument a lot.


They are very strong in early game but they really do become weaker in later game making it impossible to reach that tower while pushing the others.

Maybe if they had more health, stronger defense and dealt more damage with each tower then I think that could possibly work


What I’m most excited for, as a Sevarog main.


What change?
Sevarog Only get stacks from abilities so the minion change does nothing.


It helps him know when to use the Siphon.


Ability damage not affecting structures anymore is actually nice as fuck


No more Murdock making clutch plays lasering the Core at 1% while at Base


Oof people. The minion change means using siphon will be harder to last hit since minions get executed at 20% health. Siphon ain’t gonna do enough damage to last hit.


Wow sparrow and muriels new faces though
Muriel looks more now like a woman in a suit, then a sentient robot being .


So around level 9 grux feels really good, he will chunk the hell out of you. They did good i love playing this guy i feel so powerful and slow.
The Core seems to focus you when you hit someone near it, it hurts, which is good. Need to see more of it to judge though

Like seriously you don’t wanna mess with grux if he’s ult’d. His basics will chunk the hell out of you. I also had fangtooth buff so that was nice.