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The water boiling effects


The AI is way harder now. :grinning:
But now it’s impossible for me to fight Iggy & Scorch with a melee character. Even though they nerfed them, I die even if I retreat. If I have between 200 - 250 health left, Burning Sensation will finish me off. Basically, I’m already dead.

Also… wasn’t Agility for attack speed and damage, while Vitality was for armor and health capacity/regen? :crazy_face:
Now my Tanks are freaking marshmallows. Also, I hate Steel’s shield bash. It sucks compared to the bull rush, and the barely stuns enemies.


I think the steel change is good. Bullrush was good for escape and chasing but not really for helping your team. Shield bash will help him become a much better support with the reliable peel.


It’s also funny as fuck bopping people on the head with it tbh


I strongly disagree. Taking away an ability that doubles as an escape or chase is terrible. Almost all melee heroes have an ability to dash or jump forward. Kwang doesn’t have one, but Riktor at least has the spear-tipped chain from Mortal Kombat.
The Bull rush was a lane pusher. Line them up and rush them. Plus it knocked enemies upward followed by a stun; giving even the minions more time to attack. This could be used to help your teammates escape or rush to their aid. Now it will take Steel longer to get to where he needs to be. It was also good for surprising enemies with a gank. Now Steel has run at the enemy and can’t close the distance on a range character. Thereby giving them more time to get further away.
The shield bash is just as strong as a punch with what seems like the same range and width. While the stun on all levels is 0.5 seconds, so it doesn’t give as much breathing room as the rush.
They could combine it with the Bulwark since it doesn’t do anything against melee attacks. While the Bulwark is active, attacking will transition to a shield bash.


Holy fucking hell these bots!!!


bday yesterday yay me

Really considering taking a break. The quality of my games is just terrible with people just not knowing wtf they’re doing. My drafts have been pretty bad too. I had like 5 draft dodges. That’s the most I’ve ever had at a time. And with unstable cyborg, feng, and bullshit kwang, (a buff? Really?) its just gotten tire some to play.

Right feng and kwang are able to do a shit ton of damage but also tank and live forever. Too balance this, I think reducing their base damage and increasing their scaling will really help.


It’s hilarious because everyone is mentioning this and has been for weeks and yet they haven’t been doing shit about it


I’m assuming we’ll get a hero rework next week. We should be getting teasers for the next hero but we haven’t gotten any so…


Bout time

Grux sounds fucking awesome!


Will take a listen. And what you said


What’d you end up thinking about it? Gideon sounds cool. but grux sounds so sick.


I watched it this morning

Honestly they sound really dope. I mean, Gideon is balance sustainable now and Grux is super amazing. An earthquake, omg


Gideons ult sounds insanely amazing. Not really big on grux cause I don’t really care for him anyways so. Really looking forward to who else is getting changes.


Can you give me a run down? Watching Critical Role rn, and I’ve been reallyyyyyyy annoyed with the lack of communication from Epic on what’s happening right now.


Happening on what?


Like, what’s happening. At all. Nothing. Nothing has happened as of late.


Well the next big update is v44 which isnt next week, but the week after that and it’s featuring a bunch (idk how many) hero reworks. The purpose of this and the current situation of #every3weeks is to go back to a bunch of the legacy heroes and get them up to par with monolith, since they were made with legacy. Community Corner is where they talk about a lot of stuff with the game. It’s their form of communication. They also comment on reddit too.

This week they talked about the gideon and grux reworks. Gideon just kinda hit you and that was it, and his ult was basically suicide late game as it wasn’t even a situation of getting cc’d out of it, but just the carry shooting. His main meteor will now do slightly less damage but will have a bigger aoe and apply a slow. Burden is being replaced by a meteor projectile, I would assume something similar to harvest nettle. Teleport will be the same. The biggest change I think is his ult. Itll do a bit less damage and have a smaller aoe, but you’ll be stunned for the duration of it.

For grux, his pull has been refined, but I don’t quite remember how but it’ll be more reliable. His charge is being changed to a uppercut which either knock ups or stuns idk. And they said its like half the distance of tb’s dash. His ult will now be something where he does a big road (which is supposed to be epic) and give him a bunch of bonus damage for 15 seconds. And his double pain doesn’t apply bleed but will be more damage I think.

There’s also the jungle rework coming, which will feature better objectives. We’ll also be getting one more hero for the rest of the year, which is most likely the leaked Terra.

That’s basically a summary of whats to come.

fyi: I’m on my phone so there’s probably a lot of typos


Could be both like baelica, sounds really cool


Is it wrong to think of rampage as paragons goliath, he plays so much like him, he even has a rage like how goliath was gonna have a beserker passive lol