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Gideons burden does so much damage holy shit


I’ve won a majority of my matches lost like 3 i think. And playing countess was so fun, she’s broken as hell. I use that invisibility card and just delete the carry from the backline of a teamfight.




Im not sure its a death card with kallari on it


Shadow Dance I think.



Also, anyone know what that small update was for?


Aye I was right. That patch was I think small bug fixes and something to help the servers.


I don’t get it…


What do you mean?


2 gems that do the same thing, bo difference.


What bear said but *no


Ohh i see now. Yes there are multiple gems with the same ability but different stats. So your first gem may have 60 health but the other one may have like 20% mana regen.


But mine don’t have any stats, they are the exact same


Maybe it only shows in the deck making process idk


Just had a game with rik jungle. This sparrow would just not stop complaining. We got an inhib and he still complained. Got another and pushed and got the core. Still complained. Like we won and we didn’t even do that bad soooo???


It’s viable, he has cc out the ass, perfect for ganks, and he has hella health. That sparrow sounds annoying glad you guys won.


Found on reddit a ramp using static trap with bolder for a 4.2 second stun. Then it hit me. I added static trap to my fey deck. Use ult and put trap in the middle and anyone who gets pulled in gets rooted too. evil laugh intensifies


You are a disgusting human being… I love it


OMG You’re a genius holy fuck, nice synergy!


Aurora’s new skin is just wow. Its so good.