Paragon Game (Main Discussion Topic)


Finally got in. Took long enough :stuck_out_tongue:


I can safely say my first kallari deck was bad, now it revised lets see how it goes


I’m going to go in for a Khai build first. Heh. Growth and Fury RAWR!


This is almost overwhelming, in a good way. So many new options, can’t wait to try them all out!


Ok my Kallari deck is solid for now, now to my girl shinbi


When my card level say 36/2 is that a good thing?



Thank you Plague Lord Mallenk card!

Wait what? Plague Lord…ah shit! Not the black plague again!


UMMM So this execute card is super creepy looking and, I have no idea how i feel, it kinda good, but i dont know.Here i’ll upload it


Ok look at this guys


Did that just summon a ghost demon to chase and kill him? Fuck yeah I’m using that.


Yes, yes it did hahah, goes through walls to, I dont know how long it chases but its so creepy


Its called Grinning Spectre for anyone wondering, it does 300 true damage on impact, and if that damage brings someone below 15%hp they’re executed, great for tanky people like sevarog i think


I play so many characters how am supposed to handle all this. Also I’m missing a single card in each affinity so that’s great.


Me too, makes ,me wonder what they are.
Gonna try murdock this should be fun


I can’t express how much I love the new Iggy. Thank you so much for this Epic.


In all honesty…why did they change Khai’s eye color???


Have you done any recreations of D-day when defending a tower/inhibitor?


If the Allies all got wiped out on D-Day, then yes, I’ve done exactly that :smiley_cat:


Oh wow its orange now. That’s kinda weird.


1st two matches after the Update…