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It didn’t even complete and it restarted for almost 3 hours what in the actual fuck


First impression of this update, it’s so fucking good, this feels a lot more simple, and is fun. I’m really digging how this feels im so happy right now.


Rip servers so many players killed it


Ragggggg sadkjasdklasdjhl h

EDIT: I smashed the word Sad in there…relateable


Well now what? I didn’t even get to log in :crying_cat_face:


Paragon is gonna be down for awhile. Ugh at leaast got to play a bit at like 6am.


I thought the update would be out at 3:30


It’s gonna be coming up soon, slowly


On another note apparently its my anniversary cool


Happy Anni!

Guess the Hype Train was blocking my vision from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if it’s 50-30 minutes…but I know it’s over the time :zzz:

I just wanted to play!


Should have waited till tomorrow. :wink:


Well… @XMetrusX We are still staying up all night? :stuck_out_tongue:


Welp since staying up the previous night turned out terrible, another night of non existant sleep will have to do. That is after my 1+ hour deck making session.


I’ll probably do some bot matches to test the decks out (Coop or Solo)




Not much longer now


Soon TM
10 char


God only having a taste of the new update makes me want it more,it was so fun Jesus


You got a drip, I got as many teases as you XD

EDIT: I think this was a great thing, because I never knew how much trouble it was to get a patch out :joy:


Servers are back up, although they’re throttling players for now to play it safe.


23 minute wait 4 me… yay!