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No. Crates are a separate system.


Ok so you Choose your affinity

You have a maximum of 3 cards 12 in deck

Choose your gem When you are in game, you can spend 1000 Gold to level up either Agility, Vitality or
Intellect. At levels 1, 7, 13, 19, 25 it activates your selected Gem. Each attribute gives you
bonus stats, e.g. Putting a point into Vitality will give you +1 HP Regen. You can select a total of
6 Gems. Example: 5 Agility Gems and 1 Intellect Gem. You can skip tiers if you wish.

Name it


Gems are very important here’s an example


I finished my goal!

10 Chests. 4 Silver, 3 Gold, 3 Diamond. I have an extra 4 Keys, 1 Crate and still 6 Card Packs


I think have like almost 80 card packs.


I know who’ll be good on cards lol


I didn’t want to click it

This art has me fucking hyped as shit




There is just too much.

Iggy looks fucking sick in his Skin and Rework

You get a total of 14 items in a Vet. Chest

So much shit dawg…I can’t take it…this hype


I’m glad you’re hyped again, now that we’ve seen some proper gameplay, I can say they did a good fucking job this was a huge risk, but the community seems to be loving it.


Nice they can record now!!!


Yea, I was worried for not much. I’m not sure if that “Blocks one ability” card is either a one time use or on CD.

I also like how you earn more gold the more you spend


Test my nips


If anyone wants to see a full game my man

Is streaming


These changes have me so shook. I’ve been reading through all the character changes and oh my. Sev’s siphon has a slight damage buff, with 70 to 80 at lvl 1. Securing last hits will be so much better early game now. Grim’s gtfo has a damage buff. And Muriel’s shield got a huge buff. Lvl 13 ult shields for almost 1000 shields. wut

Edit: Totally forgot Riktor’s shock therapy rework. It’s now called shock punch and it isn’t a whip buff. This should mean it’s instant cast. THANK YOU EPIC


Today was a great day for paragon 6 straight wins baby! Even played grim and won


I need to play this update its fucking insane, ughhh someone wake me up when its august 8th please


So i saw a video of khaimera jumping on a minion wave? uhmmmm

At 30:40



Yes this is the new hero


Holy shit, name please???