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I’m still holding all judgement until I see actual videos and gameplay of these changes shown off. I want to see how heroes have been changed (both in general stats and reworks and kit changes), I want to see how these cards and gems interact with each other and directly on gameplay, I want to see what they do with the Jungle and the Orb/Raptor side objectives, and what all of it together will do for the game.



I’ve been away from the game for…well, ages, but when I see tidbits of lore floating around, my mind goes to “ok, so what does this mean?” Maybe it’s because I was raised on Bionicle, which turned out to have had little hints that God was actually a giant robot and also the universe (it still doesn’t make sense in context), or maybe it’s because I’m just a fucking nerd. I kinda wish I’d been keeping up on more stuff like that, since I just love trying to piece together shit like this. Maybe that’s the experience Epic Games is going for, but Evolve did it better because the protagonists were just as out of the loop as the players, so when they learned something new, so did we.


Well…it’s about to get a massive rework Aug. 8 so check it out on Unreal or YT which ever one is available to you

Lore is very interesting and it is delicate to get right. Paragon’s Lore almost feels just as vague as Evolve which I really love. As you said about the “out of the loop” thing. It’s a really nice trip to ride upon


Problem is that the lore if vague in the wrong ways.
With Evolve we know who the hunters are, why they are at Shear, and enough hints as to what the monsters are doing to speculate.
With Paragon we have a very limited idea of who these characters are and why they are fighting. Most we get is that their are 3 moons where there is (correct me if i am wrong) the future city setting, the medieval setting, and the more feral setting. Also that the characters are trying to become “Paragon”, whatever that means. It’s like Overwatch but with less context to the world’s settings.


I honestly like that suspense lol

I’m sure down the line after Beta closes then we will get more information. But for now, all we can do is speculate

What happens when they become the Paragon? Maybe they become an Ashur or a super powerful God
If only one can become Paragon, why do they work together? Or they don’t and that’s why they can have them as enemies too
And why the hell is The Fay a support if she hates humankind?


But again, what the heck is this?
A large tournament? A fight club? The Hunger Games but with teams?
All we know is that people from different moons that each have very different cultures are brought togeather is a fight for, something.
The title of paragon isn’t enough info.


Well, they chose to go to Agora after the gates were unlocked by the Ashur. The Ashur is something like Gideon, Gideon is pure evil so…maybe the Ashur are bullshitting everyone like Calypso in Twisted Metal

Yes, I understand. Not a lot of info BUT I was just making an idea


My best theory is that it’s some sort if reality tv show like thing with all these characters fighting fir a prize. What that prize would be to lure in a powerful sorcerer, a knight, a cop, pirates/bounty hunters, an escaped convict and warden, a tribal warrior, a Kpop singer, a vampire queen, a fallen angel, whatever iggy and scorch are, and several robots, I don’t know.
My only evidence is the Narbash trailer where he takes out the “camera” at the end, some of the trailers looking like videos to amo up the audience/sell them stuff with Grim.exe, Countess, Shinbi, and Crunches trailer being great examples, and some of those emotes looking like things they would obly do if they knew they were in camera (Wraith’s do it emote, Shinbi’s Emotes, TB’s dab emote that i hate cause it’s a stupid dab, etc.)
But that’s just a theory.


Every time i get a kill as TB i dab on them in your honor


So what you’re saying is you’re dead to me?


*fey lol

Also she isn’t really support. Yeah she has her bramble patch for slow and her ult which can peel, but she has a lot of damage potential being wasted. I go midlane with her and do very well.

Edit: oh hey its my cake day yeet I think that’s 2 years now wow


Happy cake day

The Fey, my bad. Usually too busy screaming at the bot to notice lmao

Why does she act as a support though in bot games? Narbash or Muriel would be way better


I believe Epic designed her as a support capable of high damage.
The ult, her slow ability, and her poke make her a good support for a player that wants to be more aggressive that normal. Kind of like Murial except her poke and slow are 1 ability, and she has abilities that help her allies directly. Fey is supporting through disrupting the enemy


I’m still salty the new currency is being called gold and not amber. .-.


Amber is a really cool and unique name too…like seriously?

Also I have a question. So with the new Deck Builder incoming. You can choose any of the available 2 Affinities, yes?

So the character still have traits making Decks built unique to them and others with their Traits…yes?

Or, can you choose any 2 Affinities in the Deck and on the Hero? I remember KL saying a Death and ? Riktor


Decks can be used for any hero. Decks have affinities, heroes do not anymore.
So a deck that has Growth and Death could be used for any hero, so for example you have a carry deck that you use for all your lategame heavy hitters


Oh…that’s quite a bit of combinations

Alright, thanks for answering



I guess it’s only 10…but hey, that can be a lot


So I started saving up everything in my inventory…I feel like it’s not going to be enough but…ah well

I got 1 Silver, 1 Gold, 2 Diamond, 6 Card Packs and 1 Crate with a Golden Key

I want at least 10 chests before the next patch well…the 42 patch lol


Crates and keys won’t be transferred over to victory chests. Just the chests and card packs.


But…they won’t delete it will they?