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Lvl 15 / 60 CXP I had to go into a Bot match to finally get the final stats on this build

I present to you “The Beast Inside”

I will change the Prime card to Dmg…because that’s what this is about, that game…I don’t know what got into the Bots but we took Orb Prime…all 5 of us, well 4 someone died


Why not use the deck builder on their website?


You should build health and armor so you can be tanky. Yoi need to initiate fights and getting killed right away won’t help.


Basically how you build any fighter in this game currently. Damage early game and then stack up health and/or armor late game to stay relevant. Damage is the carry’s job (with the exception of the assassin who is there to split push and delete the low health enemies).


Exactly this, imo Khaimera falls off, while crunch stays solid his abilities do so much damage and juggle the carry, he’s terrifying to fight


As someone who used to go crit feng mao, tanky fighters are the way to go man. You’ll literally die in a team fight in seconds other wise. Thats why you’ll see some people even using quenching scales on someone like morigesh, any sort of health or armor goes a long way


It’s more fun to test it out in game, duh

Now you tell me lol

Yes sir!


That moment when you can’t log in…


What the hell man



Where dat FR at tho?


And now because I could remember my Password I am now locked out for 2 fucking god damn retarded hours…see ya tomorrow Para-ssholes!


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Strap in boys its a long one


I am…not happy with this “Economy”

Cards cost economy
Gems cost economy
Some cards are re-equip-able

I know I can’t speak for the future of what this brings, it’s just making me really not want to play Paragon


This on itself is nothing crazy every moba does this, except they’re called items, also you only have 3 cards equipped at a time, with 6 gems being 9 items in total.

Change sounds scary, but go in open minded we haven’t even seen gameplay, this could be the best thing to happen to paragon. Either way it needed this if it wants to be taken serious as a moba, lots of people were turned off from the old card system. There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical, but if you go in negative you wont have a good time, even if it is good.


The economy is just Gems, correct?

And again, I liked Paragon not having this system in the first place

This is already a really good MOBA on the charts Aside from Phase and Revenant


So…I couldn’t remember the third moon of Agora (Omeda, Letha and Zechin) and I found a thread while searching and guess who I found??




Visual overhaul delayed till September to better optimize and test, completely understandable
Look at this, beautiful

"After much internal debate, we’re delaying the Monolith visual update until v.43 in September. We know it’s a bummer and we’re sorry we can’t deliver it on August 8.

Why the delay? We want more time with the map running in-game to make sure it is up to the highest performance, stability, and gameplay balance standards. This extra time will allow the internal team to playtest, bug fix, and optimize the map so you have a solid experience when you play.

Our team created a truly beautiful map that will make Paragon feel more alive. It is equipped with two distinct sides with very unique characteristics that allow you to easily identify where you are on the map. We’ve also added a lot of water elements to Monolith, including the giant orb of water that looms over the Dawn side of the map."


My sister pointed out that Dusk? side looked like an angry metal head beast lol but she said everything looked really cool

I can’t argue with that, I even showed her past images of Prime Orb and the Jungle…it’s completely amazing I can’t really be mad at the delay


Right, the community as a whole is actually taking this really well.
Communication is key to keep a community healthy, and they’re doing better so far. Really glad they showed some screenshots