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Haha ikr KL smith is the man though, I really just wanna see zinx in this update though, she was clearly balanced for it


Has anyone seen the iggy rework i can show it if you would like?


I have seen it, and I’m very confused…how does this set take 3 people to kill?


Ask and you shall receive


Notice how molotovs aren’t basic attack anymore



That skin legit might make me start playing her.


How about this then

He looks sickk


It’s like he started growing his hair out again after cutting it of from Novaborn


25k rep, 5 card packs, 2 deck slots, and now 100 coins. Great.


This skin’s dope haha


Super happy Zinx is getting buffed. Bad Medicine is still useless and her stun will still be meh, but at least her dot doesn’t drain a shit ton of mana in a 7 second fight. The buffed mana regen on her ult and base mana buff will be super useful too. And the attack speed buff. Oh my. Definitely buying her new skin too.


Bad Medicine is Bad


First time I saw this




Do any of you have the time to play Paragon?


Not at this moment, but I was gonna get on soon. What’s your psn?


Well I’m PC but it’s Da_1_Specialist


Request sent :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, I exactly mowed the lawn in 30 Minutes woohoo!

The damn speed is broken…I was pushing it 2x faster than it was going

Also, it has been accepted


My PSN is GhostSchythe211