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Valentine’s day?


But even the new heroes that were released way after have pink skins


It’s the time once again
No more Rep In chest boys WOHOOO!


Gonna have a kallari with a crown :triumph:


Nothing bad with a little pink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

or Coins or Card Pack if I heard right. Also a 100% HUD rework?? Wow


Later in the year if I’m not mistaken.


Correct, super happy about that


I mean yea I have nothing against pink, but I’ve just noticed there’s loads of skins that are pink (and IMO the majority of them look bad, especially on ‘badass’ type characters - looking at you Revenant)


Ok for real though, the amount of pink skins for heroes is ridiculous:

21 heroes have at least one pink skin:
Aurora - 2
Dekker - 2
Gadget - 1
Gideon - 2
Greystone - 2
Grux - 1
Howitzer - 1
Kwang - 2 (including default)
Lt. Belica - 1
Phase - 3 (including default)
Rampage - 1 (kinda)
Revenant - 1
Sevarog - 2
Shinbi - 4 (including default and challenger)
Sparrow - 1
Steel - 2
The Fey - 1
Twinblast - 1
Wraith - 1
Yin - 1
Zinx - 2

Only 14 heroes don’t have a pink skin:
Feng Mao
Iggy & Scorch

This doesn’t even include all the purple skins either (I like some of the purple ones but some are just ugly like pretty much all of the pink ones)

I’d much rather they worked on good looking skins instead of the ugly pink ones (whoever is in the skin/art department needs to learn to use other colours)


I really don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of this.


Because of this ^


Again, but why picking on pink?
Most of the recolors look bad imo. It’s just a way for them to release skins to fill up the crates.


Yep, they’re just skin variations. I don’t really care about them, and a lot of variations aren’t exactly better looking.


Picking on pink cus that’s the most re-occurring re-colour I saw out of all of them.

Seeing as how I gave up on this game ages ago I thought I’d see what new skins were added, I guess I was mistaken thinking there’d be more decent looking ones after all this time.


I don’t see why you’re picking on the tier 1 recolors? By the definition they are just going to be recolors. They know we usually won’t buy them so they put more work on the T3 and T2 skins that people actually buy.
If you’re going to complain about something atleast complain about the balance of the game or the map, like I do.


I can hardly complain about balance if I’ve ignored this game for months can I?

Skins on the other hand need no familiarity to the game to be talked about.


You screaming “BE NORMAL!”


Every time I get a good draft, we’re communicating well, and have a well rounded team, the other team decides to dodge.


Here’s a good zinx, he’s also a dev


Good job KL almost a week later