Paragon Game (Main Discussion Topic)


Think of it like a shop that you create. You’ll know what’s in the shop if you build the deck. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

I wouldn’t say the lore would be messed up. We hardly know enough to claim that. Also the affinities are now more of a way to tell what kind of cards you’ll get. Death will have debuffs and leaching. Growth will have survivability and buffs.
Also now cards don’t have to do the same thing in multiple affinities, so cards can be more unique.
As a bonus heroes can use any deck you make now. So yay.


Spinning mega vault again. :upside_down:

Edit: 25k rep. I have over 30 days of playing this game and this is what I get.


This is why Rep should be banned from the chests.


I got fucking 600 matrix :upside_down:


And materials omg, I don’t need anymore matrix, I have every intellect card prior to this upcoming update of course


Just went 4-3-17 with off lane riktor. Feels great


I got fucked up by a riktor offlane, I was cocky and out of no where he pulled me in tower and just rekt me,it shut me up that’s for sure



So happy that I finally got home after vacation and now I can play Zinx


When the team wants to 2v2 in left because the “meta” is dumb and somewhere in between gay. sigh


I’ve been seeing that a lot, whats with the duo offlane?


No clue. I think it’s just Hur dur I want to play like this because reasons. I’ve faced maybe like 2 games of them if that. I won both. Also the draft got dodged so that game thankfully didn’t happen.


I’m a horrible Zinx. I’ve been trying to win as Zinx in Solo lvl 5 and I just keep losing.

I’m starting to absolutely hate the Steel Bot kys Steel

I’m I was building Mana and Power (Because the Ult seems to give a lot more M/R with more Mana. More Power because her only means of Burst Damage is Bad Medicine which feels weak.)

One last thing, Kitty Claws is so weak, Why does it say I deal 250 DP in 3s but it looks like I’m only doing 100 or less?


Apparently the ui is wrong. The scaling is actually .2 but the ui is showing scaling of 1.


Can we talk about how disgustingly beautiful monolith looks now <3


It’s absolutely stunning, I thought the jungle was beautiful but everything is going to look gorgeous in this patch


Holy shit, they just spilled the beans a PVE mode is coming in the future no way
And Brawler mode

Edit: The more I read the more hype I get hype this is awesome!


Isn’t PVE just bots? Or am I completely wrong?

Or is PVE, Origins/Astrolobe?


What the actual fuck is this shit?


Yeah I don’t really care about chests now. I’ve come to expect that when I open one.