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BTL believes it is Medic. Although, I completely say is wrong. This has got to be a hero never even heard of before…


Reading back I’m a little confused I think. The lists mentions a ranged carry, but the list is for August, not just the update. When we get Zinx, I assume they’ll probably explain then.


No, I’m succeeding.




I thought she was gonna be a full on cat person, but thisbis cool too. I play offlane a lot so I think I’ll really like her.


Bad Medicine (RMB/R1) - Zinx charges her gun and creates an AoE field of energy on the ground in front of her, can be discharged early to create a smaller field.
Kitty Claws (Q/Square) - Toggle: Empowers her Pistol allowing it to apply a damage over time effect, which can be stacked.
Ricochet Stun (E/Circle) - A Medium range projectile which bounces around nearby enemies, stunning them. The stun duration increases for each enemy hit.
Dirty Healing (R/Triangle) - Passive: Zinx gains bonus mana regen, based on a percentage of her missing mana. Toggle: While activated, she will immediately heal 50% of damage taken, costing mana instead.


Being bullied in the offlanes annoying, time to turn the tables :smirk_cat:


This trailer looks like an ad for furry porn. Also that fucking face is creeping me out, send help and/or food. Preferably food.


I think it was more like Grind house, plus like cheesy science experiment gone wrong cliche (right) kinda thing. Which is awesome


I play Carries more.

I realised that I play, Rev, Yin, Grim and they all are carries lol



So if i got this right building a deck is basically like building a item shop, that’s what it sounds like, and you can branch out with more situational builds depending on enemy team comp


You can choose affinities for your heroes now


Epic has been going on about heroes being able to have multiple roles. This enforces that even more and allows for a lot of flexibility with the way you want to play.


Which I very much dislike, I hate shops

Now I’m super fucking disappointed


Whatttt why?


Dude this opens up diversity in playstyle, if you don’t like it you can always just go back to the original affinities that a character has. This actually genius, the build you could make would be amazing


This is actually making paragon a proper moba, it needs this. Great things are coming, i honestly think this game has great potential to be one day as popular as smite and league


It shows more potential to me. Doing away with upgrades, keeping around the same-ish amount of card slots that would allow decks to be able to adapt to what the enemy is using (for once). Instead of just going with a deck assuming that x and y could be used, or having to build multiple decks so that you can counter certain heroes.
Also now affinities are more like playstyles, Chaos (Fury) being lot of fast damage, Intellect being about mana and keeping it stored up (as of now), Order being about supporting your team, Death (Corruption) about negative effects and stals that leach off enemies, and then universal…

Also decks can be used by multiple heroes soo you can just make 1 or 2 decks and use it for say, all your rangers. Have a support tank build using Order and Intellect (or Growth), or maybe an escape foccused ranger deck using Death and Chaos or Intellect.


I like the card system because it was easy to learn, anytime I had a shop in the MOBA I played, my friend shit down my throat because I suck using them.

Now that he plays, I’m sure it’s going to happen again.

Now in the affinity section, most of the character I use have Fury…oh I mean Chaos…I do carry and chaos, having an affinity selected is like…the lore being messed up and it may open up gameplay styles, but if we are going to do that, then why not make all cards a Universal?