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Again it’s not the amount of effects and gimmicks that need to be changed. One of my complaints is that using certain cards can counter other heroes. This would be good, but you have no idea what the enemy will pick. So with decks having limitwd space, and when their is 0 way to know if a player will pick a hero after they release week, it is just a bad system.

But you forget, people place wards on the otherside of the fog. So any player that is paying attention already knows their is an enemy, and with how the game works currently you do the aame thing with or without vision. Run until you hopefully survive and get to the tower.
And yes I know they’re changing wards. Doesn’t mean it will be much different. Lower levels might use it less, higher levels will put it into their decks ASAP every round.

Map needs an entire rehual IMO. Current one can’t be saved from a gameplay or visual standpoint.[quote=“XMetrusX, post:1186, topic:78137”]
Not really. Yeah, some of more recent characters have a bit more play than others, but plenty of old characters are still being played.

Not what I’m talking about. Take Revenant for example. He had a move that dealt damage basucally no matter what as long as you were in range and didn’t have a very specific counter. Phase is almost too easy to pick on, with her extreme range slow and root, blind that has the white out effect I hate flashbangs use (why can’t it be say, your game stops on the frame and then slowly fades to actual video?), or her leash that lets bad players be good abd allow for lots of trolling? Also Morigesh on launch.[quote=“XMetrusX, post:1186, topic:78137”]
Not sure what you mean by this.

Lack of stuff to buy with rep. Sentence cut off. But yeah, I can’t buy masteries, I get all of them automatically. I have nothing to spend it on since I also have all the cards i need. Everything has to be bought with actual money, even banners.[quote=“XMetrusX, post:1186, topic:78137”]
These games were also stupidly long and travel mode/ auto sprint needed to go.

The long playtimes were acceptable because the game was fun throughout. Large fights and lots of action (also the larger minion waves) made it feel engaging and fun the whole time. Now it’s mostly farm until someone messes up then push to tower then go back, maybe go for raptors and OP but in ny experience teams rarely care, and then people win.
Its better than the deathball meta, but it’s more broing than what Legacy was in its prime.
Also yes travel mode had to go. And a new map could have been great! But they botched it up.


To be fair they did say they were doing another graphical update, patience my friend. Gameplay first we’re only in beta everything will be addressed in do time, we’re once again going through a huge change like monolith, so I recommend you at least try the update
Maybe just keep on your break though until it peaks your interest again, couple months to a year might do it. But if anything, if you don’t like the game at all anymore which I can respect, you don’t have to come back, could just not be your cup of tea nothing wrong with that.


I actually carried my brains out this was so hype omg murdock does so much damage


Map overhaul incoming

New hero Teaser

Zinx Offlaner


I flipped when I saw that screenshot it looks sooo good.


I’m marking August 8th for my calendar
Also hero delays are being put in place due to the amount of heroes getting reworks thoughts?
I’m not even mad having more viable heroes makes me happy.


Yeah I’m ok with it. Hero reworks are so fun for me. I just get used to whatever the hero does and having it change is kind of fun. Hopefully Muriel, Riktor, and Grim are part of those reworks.


Reworks take just as much time as a new Hero…well not really but I mean the ability kit does. So I’m alright with a hero replace, Zinx is coming in next week … yea?

BTLord is kicking ass with videos recently too haha. Iggy tease was fucking cool

The only thing I’m super disappointed to see changing are the affinities, I love the now names not the new.

And hey we got a tease (super minor) for a nee ranged carry…woo


Why do I remember the name “Dr. Maximov”?


Please don’t tell me that this is Shrapnel.

Edit: So I guess her name is Zinx, and they are ending #Every3Weeks. They are instead going to have complete hero reworks every three weeks, starting with Iggy.

Edit 2: Also, @The_Specialist, Maximov experimented and performed testing on Phase.


The wording suggests that, like Twinblast when Monolith dropped, the week that normally would have had a new hero will instead be filled with the reworked characters.
Zinx will release next week and then on August 8th, when we’d get a new hero, the new patch will drop.


Lmao no.


Your argument doesn’t work if all you say is your’e laughing followed by the word no.
Give me some evidence of your point?


Where’s the evidence of your point?


I listed it all ready, but to prove a point here’s a quote with some explanation.
"These reworks will replace the new hero that would have shipped in this slot. More on this soon."
These reworkS will replace the hero.
This August 8th update is looking to be very large in terms of balance, similar to what they did with their Monolith and Age of Intellect update (Update is also referenced to be bigger than Year One and Age of Intellect, both which had large updates, Age of Intellect also reworked 3 heroes).
In their update blog they made no reference to ending Every3Weeks, nor anything about not releasing any heroes soon (In fact they mentioned a New Ranged Carry for later in the month).
Now let’s see your evidence that you’ve failed to mention.


Nope, you are definitely incorrect.


Are you trying to troll me?


Next week is Zinx, followed by a carry August 8th, then reworks after that I’m assuming. @Rapterror The starting with iggy thing is wrong. His rework is gonna be with the new hero, which doesn’t relate to the whole reworks replacing heroes bit.


Also i’d like to point this our first non humanoid female character so there’s that.


But the blog says the reworks will replace the hero that would have shipped.
And then the new carry isn’t mentioned until the blog says this stuff will follow the update.
The way I interpreted it is that this August 8th update will not release a hero but instead focus on card stuff, balance, and map update.
(Would help if it worded it a bit better but oh well)