Paragon Game (Main Discussion Topic)


They said everyones getting some love this patch im so happy.
He actually sucks so bad it hurts my eyes looking at him


He’a actually gotten more play recently, but yeah he’s still pretty trash. Electrocute is probably the worst move in the game right now.


Alright, I’ll take your advice to heart. We will just have to see.


Just gonna leave this here.


So accurate


Gear up boys these changes are nuts


This seems like another Monolith sized update, i’m so ready


I’m excited to see Riktor, Grim.EXE and graphic changes


That card effect sounds crazy, enter the shadow plane for 3 seconds after crossing through a fog wall


I wonder if it has a cooldown to where you can’t spam through the walls

…Would Kallari heal in this too?


As she heals with shadow plane buff i assume so but she doesn’t get her basic attack buff


Having card effects be more prevalent in general over stat boosts sounds like a positive change that will make deck building a lot more interesting, at least for me.


It’ll go hand in hand with this new currency, i’m really excited I love gimmick type decks.
I have this khaimera deck that I call unrelentless.
It’s all about being at critcal health and life stealing/ gaining more damage. Mostly out sustaining opponents, pain eater and victory touch are so much fun to use, so is bloodrite brand


I like that name

I changed mine recently to “The Jungle Should Fear Me”

I don’t know what I build…probably dmg and H/R


So going against this greystone who went crit, against my all around greystone who was pretty tanky was awesome. I did more damage to him simply because my defense was so high, his crits did nothing, while I began to push him back.
Tanky fighters are so fun I swear, crunch for instance does crazy damage even when only having 3 damage cards 2 defense and one utility/damage (stinger boost)
He’s such a good jungler


Welp spinning the mega vault. Heres to getting 5 card packs.

Edit: I just got 5 fucking card packs I cannot believe. Brb uninstalling


I haven’t played Paragon in a long time.
Heroes haven’t been fun for a while, RNG crates and chests and whatever they add or just crap when you can pay money or earn the highest reward and get Reputation, the most useless in-game currency ever, and the overall game just sucks for me compared to Legacy. Aside from some things hero balance wise and some of the new heroes designs, I just don’t like Monolith Paragon at all.


Well card rework comes in august and is gonna change the whole card system. If you want to come back, I’d wait until then.


But that’s not enough.
The problem isn’t that their aren’t enough effects (seriously going thtough the fog makes you invisible for 3 seconds? Both situational and pointless) or that the way we get currency.
It’s the boring map, the new heroes consistently overshadowing the old, the lack of rep, the skin tsunami that drowns out other content, the fact they thought deathtouch was a good idea, and the stupid meta.
I won’t pretend Legacy was perfect, tank Iggy was silly and ridiculous. But i had fun back then. You had time to go and farm, set up tactics, all of that cool stuff. It was awesome when your team wiped out the enemy team. Now you die cause you waited 1 second to turn…


Well maybe not, but it is in beta (yes groan) and many things will change.

Idk, over 100 sounds like a lot to me.

This card would be insanely good for junglers. Even others like Countess would have a lot of benefit from this, early to mid game.

Final version comes with the card rework.

Not really. Yeah, some of more recent characters have a bit more play than others, but plenty of old characters are still being played.

Not sure what you mean by this.

Yeah it was bad. Every dev makes mistakes though. I’m sure they’ve learned from it.

These games were also stupidly long and travel mode/ auto sprint needed to go.

Anyways, more things are gonna change and I personally look forward to them.