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I want to listen to them again…link?

I find out who is the better player with that Character


He has so many voicelines! When are they coming in!!


Was taking a break from paragon, anddddd now im coming back.
Also he’s dope but I’m worried about his wave clear and damage.


Wraith (Intellect, Order) is a graduate of the special operations program Echelon, and was apprenticed to the only other graduate, Kallari. She specializes in assassination while he specializes in surveillance. A recon specialist, Wraith uses high tech tools to gather intel on his targets and outmaneuver his enemies.

Knock, Knock! (RMB/R1) - A long-range scoped shot that penetrates geometry. Killing an enemy hero or minion with this ability will refund the mana cost over a short time and reduce the cooldown.
Who’s there? (Q/Square) - Wraith launches a sonar ward that pings its location to reveal nearby enemy Heroes. No line-of-sight restrictions.
Back it up! (E/Circle) - Mark an enemy Hero to warp them back to where they were moments ago.
Surprise, Surprise! (R/Triangle) - Wraith sends himself and nearby allies into the Shadow Plane and grants a movement speed boost.


This is why I will main him


So…does this mean they’re finally adding voice lines?


No. They’ve been using voice lines in their trailers for a very long time. Since Grim.exe was announced.


They really should


Damn. I just wanna hear Caira’s golden chords coming out of Gadget’s face-hole, for fuck’s sake!


I’ve gotten good at specifically stealing kills as Phase, and I feel disgusting and proud at the same time.


Rev and phase nerf


Omg that emote

Why Epic why


Just!! Do it!! Don’t!!


This works weirdly well LMAO


I’m worried about this hero man, hope his damage isn’t bad
Looks like the cooldown on that snipe’s 5 seconds or so, might try CDR on him


2 things, he has a travel mode animation
He actually looks really strong


Jump to travel animation?

Why would they make that?


They where planning on re introducing travel mode animations for a while.


Next hero is Shrapnel, right? Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Yup yup