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It’s unlisted
K.L smith is the man


How do you get these Unlisted videos? lol


I have my ways :wink:



I watched this youtuber play wukong, and i picked up a lot of knowledge
I saw him crit orb prime for 1,226
His clones can crit and have 20% of his damage, they can be moved as well, with his staff of legend (pushed at enemy). They also benefit from attack speed, but not lifesteal, they can seriously add some damage.
84,000 hairs is constant on every hit basic attack, and they will never not be there, there’s no cooldown on his ult, as its a passive.
Controlled aggression in defense mode has minions heal you instead of giving you Bonus CP, that’s super good for jungling and offlaning . Side note controlled aggression can also affect raptor camps and gold buff, he gets CP insanely fast.


I call OP, sooooo OPPPPPPPPP


Yeah he’s gonna be on par with serath, if not have higher damage then her. Unlike serath i think he can really work in the duo lane
Not to say she cant, but she’s also a good jungle/offlaner


The damage can be upgraded up to 40%.


Yes I’ve played him now. He’s so good, I crit orb prime with my clones for 700 no crit bonus, holy hell I love this guy.


Just got legendary sparrow from the mega vault. :eyes:


Oh yeah thoughts on wukong. Not really feeling him tbh. Not my playstyle I suppose.


He’s pretty damn elusive man haha, the jukes can be real man



Ayy, this is still alive right?


Phase meta has been pretty stale lately so it’s hard to discuss without much change. Next week will have hero changes with, predominantly Phase, Morigesh, and Revenant. Hopefully makes the game not so boring with constant mirror matches.

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Makes the game more interesting. I mean, different builds and Ability builds as well. Could easily show a difference of who’s gameplay and strategy is better


What exactly do you mean?


It’s like forcing yourself in a battle with yourself. You know all their moves, techniques and what they are thinking. But no two snowflakes are alike, therefore one of you can come out of the room victorious even though you know everything about each other.

Mirror matches I find interesting because it makes me think of who has the better build and better fighting strategy (I’ve never found a good Revenant player either)


This is the stale part. Everyone is playing Revenant and Phase. I’m out of the country for almost 2 weeks, so this is bit of a break for me from paragon. Hopefully the hero changes and new hero will help with variety in matches.

Speaking of which, the new hero is just wow I’m hype.

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He looks connected to Muriel and Kallari
But dude I really want them to implement character voices soon, i’ve heard most of them, they all sound so badass, especially grux