Paragon Game (Main Discussion Topic)


My my what a beast you are!

I must say it is very satisfying when you get a penta or quadra kill


Thank you :smiley:
Alas i’m still stuck in gold, feelsbadman


I was at the top 4% then went on a 7 losing streak because my teammates wouldn’t cooperate, I try not to ever solo queue and I have a team now, so thing’s should be looking up.


Rip me still solo queueing. I either go on a big win or lose streak. All have incompetent idiots tho so.


I absolutely understand man, I don’t even get mad. It’s more of a wondering how someone can be so oblivious to what’s going on


Oh well also if anyone want’s to add me on paragon
My psn ID: GhostSchythe211
And I think in game my name is Pharaoh


I cri :sob:


Why so? PC?


Exactly, I can’t stand the feel of controllers anymore. Just the other day I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii and it felt tremendously difficult to move around and fight


My buddies and I don’t like playing pvp because it’s just the two of us most of the time and when we are 3 people my other friend isn’t as good as us so we mostly stick to coop than deal with 3 randoms in pvp and rage. :confused:


Project M, ftw.


when u so gud ur ELO is literally leet


It is cross platform, we couldn’t talk but we could still play if you wanted.


Never heard of it, looks cool :slight_smile:


Why wouldn’t you be able to talk?


Oh, I’ll send a FR your way then lol

Because PC doesn’t allow talking yet? I think


Like voice chat? Afaik you can just type in the chat. Pretty sure I’ve been able to communicate with people on PC. I think


Yus, Voicr Chat. I dank you


I don’t have a keyboard for my ps4 unfortunately
But yeah it’d be mostly one sided talking when the match starts


Got a crate after a game and got a variation for khai. Felt a little greedy so I bought a single crate because wynaut. I got the blue variation for greys nova skin. Guess I play him now.