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Just finished testing out my Sevarog build. Haven’t played him in awhile and I felt he needed some love. Gotta say, it feels a lot better than my old one.


I’ve been wanting to find a good enough Sevarog build…mind sharing it?


Sure, gimme a bit. I am gonna take a shower rn.




I’ll listen to this later :smiley:



Those Kali changes seem super cool. Maybe ill start playing her


Just got a greystone emote in a gold chest. Didn’t even know that was possible. I don’t play him tho soooo fml



Er…what’s your end build? I’m the type of guy who gets 6 cards and stay with those 6 cards lol


Take both Potions and Ward at start, replace Mana Pot with Drink when I’m at lvl 6, eventually get rid of all of my consumables and use those cards.


Its like a bruiser build I like it


Thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure if I have Spiked Boneplate or Ring of the Domina


Hm I don’t think so. A bruiser, imo, is durable but capable of doing a fair amount of damage too. @Rapterror build is strictly tanky, with 4 armor cards and lots of health. The only damage in it is from the scythe and ring, which only benefits towards minions.


Scythe shouldn’t be part of your final build and is strictly early game only. Id build an early game siphon instead for early game sustain. Ring should be taken out altogether, as it’s not that good. I’d go with thundercleaver for some attack speed to increase his dps, as he has the lowest attack speed. Lastly a shadow ward. Scout wards are pretty bad so just remove that. All this imo at least.


Is it really worth it to build DPS and Attack Speed on Sevvy though? The reason I have the Scythe and Ring are to make it easier to build stacks, but if you really think I should trash them, I will. I jut don’t have Thundercleaver.


I think so. Stacks aren’t too hard, just takes practice. He can do alot of damage and gains natural tankiness with health stacks. You can do an early game scythe if you want, I just prefer sustain.



I honestly don’t know what the cone thing is down in the bottom left corner


I really wonder what Kallari’s new ability is gonna be. Since her backflip is now a triple jump passive. Maybe a bleed proc passive, like 40% chance for basic attacks to bleed 5% of targets health (Obviously not balanced numbers but a thought, grux is the only character outside of using cards that can cause bleed). Or maybe a wave clear ability (Kallari is meant to offlane, it’s been said so it would help)


Also tomorrow’s the big day when they reveal what’s in store for version 40