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When I get Revenant as first pick, someone leaves. When I don’t get Revenant as first pick, no one leaves… Guess I’ll wait it out -3-


Wait, what MOBA are we talking about, again?


Um what do you mean


Just bot it lol, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it…like Evolve


It’s short for Kallari.


I got a quadra with kallari yesterday, finally had some good teammates
Note: Toxi Gel is super good on Kallari, helps her not get blown up instantly in a team fight




Yeah no longer slow but root, she needs some hard cc, there’s nothing to stop anyone from running away from her, it’s not great in teamfights, i mean there’s cards that already have slows attached to them so, it’s a weak ability


A lot of huge changes incoming.

Cant wait for May 16th


Did I miss a video? I wanna see it

I also thought this looked like Steel…am I wrong?


No its Greystone I think
There was a pic on Facebook I think


According to the datamines its some type of galaxy warrior t3 skin for grey. yay I just want a grim or sev skin. :confused:


Some dipshit calling out BloodThirstyLord for being a lying troll who has fake videos. There is no way he can be fake because he gets he sources two ways either from Epic themselves or Datamined information. He crossed that off like it wasn’t there pretty much said “Whatever, watch the troll, bye”

He also brought up that his Wukong and Ghost video are fake, but that’s just theorizing of what the abilities could do…no one knows except Epic


Was it another youtuber? I know he had some beef with this guy for btl insanely clickbaity titles and just an overall view hog.


I’m not sure, let me check the name again




Hm I don’t think its him.


On the flip side, the Highlighted comment by BTL is an Evolve player :smiley:


Gosh, Wukongs in like every moba
I’m not complaining though he’s awesome


He’s in Warframe, too. I think he’s just obligated to be there wherever there’s an excuse for him to be there.