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I hope you get rid of that minor card later on, in late game if you don’t get rid of it you’ll be gimping yourself.

Also I find yin to be meh cause she’s very situational and squishy, she needs some health early on otherwise she gets destroyed by any other good ADC carry, also put some lifesteal or health regen on her, she needs surviveability otherwise she’ll die pretty easily against another ADC or even by getting ganked by a decent countess.


Yin is like super strong though.


I find it easy to pick myself back up on, but now that you mention it, I could swap it out for a nice Siphon card…will look into it

Only if she gets stunned, Rampage is almost easy to kill, his Ult makes that hard

Lt. Belica is so hard because it’s nearly hard to dodge her Stun, and the mana draining is … so hard to not be mad about lol


Then it might just be me then, I’m really used to rangers so I tend to do less well as a fighter.

Very stronk. My friend plays her and Twinblast and he’s terrifying with both.


Wow really? I horrible as shit with them both


Took your advice, glad I did

Pain Eater is a wonder. You said she was squishy so this sounded good (I honestly don’t think so but it’s a present from god let me tell ya) I usually carry Bump Juice to keep myself above Critical health. So when this said “Gain +40% Lifesteal when Critical” I lost my shit and equipped that so fast. I know Yin is a safe lane so I did that until we got Safe Lane cleared out with about 18-20 CP. I didn’t equip the Pain Eater until Mid Lane was cleared out but going into Off Lane…I usually get destroyed there (yes I know why) so Pain Eater saved my ass going against a Fey / Murdock (Fey I can’t handle, but it’s so easy to pin her down / I’ve never faced a Bot Murdock so that was interesting…yes Bots, because that’s where I test shit out)

TL;DR: Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Started playing again today.

Things worthy of note in my matches:

  • Morigesh is scary.
  • Getting whipped ain’t nice.
  • I suck at this game a lot more than I thought.
  • At least it doesn’t take skill to login and get free stuff :>



I like whipping people



Patch Notes

Revenant lore


Squealing for that op nerf.


It was basically if someone got OP it was gg. Thank god for this nerf


Dude they really need to buff Kallari
Im also super tired of people who just pick her and feed all game, this coming from a Kallari main. It’s just so annoying how fast she gets deleted, she can not keep up with these new characters. Her damage is actually horrible, her level one jungle clear is shit, she’s not good at laning, she’s just bad.
I think her level one base damage is actually 50


She is getting a rework, same as Iggy and Scorch. Be patient young one


I’ve never felt so damn OP in my entire life

I don’t care if it’s 51 CP I almost had half of what I needed by lvl 7…I swear, I think he needs a nerf or something


From what I’ve seen, obliterate needs a nerf. The need for the target to be isolated is already solved by his ult with its high damage. I saw a pic of it up to over 700 damage. Haven’t played him yet tho so idk.


The base max DP for it is 360 but so many Power cards are a beast on him. Life Siphon is just mwah If I remember I was getting 96 somewhere around there


So i’ve heard, all she really needs is increased card scaling, and her dagger should root, all she has is soft cc, which barely contributes in team fights. That or her ult should root, she needs something…


I find her to be weak as well

Meaning no longer Slow correct?

Should be both, I think they might actually revise her like they did with Twinblast maybe scrap an ability. Only time will tell


This dude is OP if you play him right. Or if you have another player acting as a shield while Revenant finishes the enemies off. Since he has to reload, his shots are faster. For every time I would shoot my gun, he would take 2 or 3 shots.
And even though we were on the same team, fighting in the same Lane, I was having trouble keeping up. As you can see.


I thin I’m about to play with a jungle iggy. Can’t wait. And there’s kali too so yay

Update: surprisingly, these idiots had the brain capacity to actually surrender.