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Filthy plebs, I have over a million. tears


@BearStream @XMetrusX Wait, if we are both PC why aren’t we playing together?


This game is cross platform. Anyone can play with anyone.


Yeah I’m actually ps4. I would say that’s where all the bad players are, but in my experience, that doesn’t seem to be true.


I just looked up on my tv screen on draft to see a master
iggy going jungle. :upside_down:


I have 1,000,000 im not even joking we need new cards


screaming cause I need to buy all the masteries so I don’t get them in a lootcrate

I need 5 from universal and 1 from intellect and that’s it.



We need alternative thing to buy with rep.
I’m thinking bronze chests.


Maybe, I still want new cards. Also i’ve been recently been using more utility based cards.
I added cast converter to my Belica. Counters the hell out of morigesh


You could always make them.
Or can you not make rare cards?


They cost a lot to make in terms of material amounts.


OH that’s true, chests give some decent materials


I legit can’t explain how this is OP but omg it is

I took out all 3 Raptors…by myself with all of this and let’s just say, the Prime Guardian did NOT stand a fucking chance. When that was Activated I was doing 223 per hit to a Minion. The Attack Speed is a total of 293.2


That characters a carry. Taking out the three raptors isn’t all that impressive but I haven’t heard of a carry being able to solo orb prime before so there’s that.


I’m still learning all these terms but cards do not apply into their traits so the cards on their own mame her a powerful carry

It is for me, especially since a Khaimera needs help sometimes lol

The day this happens is the day of hacks lol, I had two other players helping me. Would’ve been dead without them although the Bump Juice is very useful. Zap Juice? Not so much


Holy fucking shit…


April 25. Okay. I have time to play other games first.


He’s a beautiful boy, he is.


I hate the meta right now. I’d like to play a moba, not 3rd person overwatch. The terrible teammates aren’t helpibg either.


TFW you are so blind that the past Hero Reveal trailers starting with Serath is a different map and I’m just finding out that with the Rouge Skins Trailer…

Looks up Oh…

…Now you know what I’m talking about