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I really thought Cinematic meant that of an animation but this was actually better than an animation

Plus the way she could counter any type of Melee Ult, or is it not that OP? Also that Swarm ability is Way OP, she passed through so many minions and got 62 HP per Second…that’s insane


2 crashes in one night great :upside_down:


I haven’t had a crash since after the Yin update…

On another note, omg Monolith is looking pretty damn beautiful like so bootyful


Downloaded yesterday… since I got my superputer I had forgotten about this game, but since I remembered I have it and am loooooooving it. I hate how character unlocking works though


What why??


Character unlocking goes by days for the daily login rather than account level now. I’m unaffected obviously so I don’t have too much to say.


I don’t want to log in 8 days in a row to unlock the homie I want. I have 100k of the currency just let me buy em.


Before this update you had to be a certain level to unlock them.
Heroes will not be purchasable in the near future. Only cosmetics will be purchasable with money, and card related stuff with rep.


I wish that for people that already have all the characters they would give us something else in return.


Doo doo butter. -_-

Game is fun as hell though; surpassed expectations by miles… I’m excited to play iggy and scorch


But why? All they did was change the way you unlock them.


Gotta complain again I made it to day 4 and it only unlocked like 2 day 4 people and like almost all the day 8 and when I click the day 4s I didn’t unlock it says yeah this easy rated character is actually unlocked on day 8


ok ok im back in and playing again. me and garrenstone ftw…

acutally anyone with power only wins


Im convinced I have this ability that attracts people with brain tumors to play with me. No matter how well I do, I still get absolute idiots and lose.


Coop, coop is great


That feeling when you win a Silver chest and it keeps going to gold chest then a diamond chest


But then you get nothing but crafting resources and rep.


True, but hey. I like Rep. I got 11,000 out of it too


I have 200,000.
I have nothing to buy it with.


A man with no life right here lol. I just surpassed 100,000 Rep. Im going to spend it on Khaimera