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I dunno I’ve never played him. Against him it’s fairly easy to dodge the hook if you make yourself unpredictable in your movements.


Jumping and zigzagging. I can say that I did play against one Riktor that fucked me over substantially when playing Sev, but other than that one guy, Riktor has been very easy for me to kill/avoid.


Riktor is still pretty trash imo. The chain buff was ok I guess, but that still doesn’t make up for how terrible he is as a tank. Poor survivabilty with no escpape and a hitbox the size of mt everest, he gets killed pretty easily.

His abilities are so fucking slow its pitiful. Shock therapy is useful really on luck. Trying to actually coordinate it is a waste of time. By the time you actually acivate it, the enemy has already used their ability and you still need to actually hit them with it. Electroshock got a damage buff since legacy but its still extremely useless. And last his ult. Fucking useless. Ok that’s a bit of hylerbole but still. Basically, take Steel’s ult and water down until its rusted into nothingness. It does less damage, can be interupted, forces Riktor to put his fragile self into dangerous positions to actually get full effectiveness, and an overall decrease in effective and activating range.

TLDR; Riktor has transitioned terribly since Legacy. His buff did minor help and he’s extremely slow. Just take Steel.

Edit: This was a bit of a rant because I loved riktor in legacy. If I see a riktor on the enemy side I want to shit my pants. Instead I’m like oh free farm.


has the doomsday steel skin from a lootcrate but I despise playing him


Revenant sounds like a boss with his kit


Questions incoming

What Projectiles can Yin deflect other than Rampages rock, Grim.EXE Ult, and Howitzer’s rocket?

Does “Power” increase Ability Damage?

What do Fury/Intellect/Others actually do? I’m no MOBA player so I’m confused on what those are


Dude it’s actually horrible how bad players can be.
This steel actually just stood back and watched us fight in team fights and left to jungle. Then would BM spamming good job when we died


Ok so i was thinking, maybe increase his base armor, health and movement speed and make some of his animations faster. Literally sidestepping the chain is getting pitiful now.



Now i want to play sparrow
Oh and


Just had the wackiest comeback ever. Idek where to start. I already hated the beginning because I chose Serath right. Asks to change but I honestly don’t need too. Then narbash says hes gonna report and I’m just like sure bud. Game is pretty much a losing battle. Any surrenders made failed. After 30 min of just continuous bickering were 2 inhibs down a little later. I have no idea how but I think someone stole orb prime? We push the fuck out of mid and I kill crunch at the core but I’m too late on the invincibility and count gets me. Core is 13%. 2 people on enemy get killed for out of position and we push. Were at the core and the living enemies attack and I dash to the core and we win somehow.

TLDR; had a losing game with tons of complaining(maybe or maybe not mostly from me) and steal orb and basically win the game with pretty much all odds against us.

Narbash was still was hungover the “Pre made, 3 reports, ban” he kept going on about. If I do get banned tho (which I mostly doubt) epics getting a very detailed letter on their terrible match making.


I had something similar…well the wackiest comeback type similar :stuck_out_tongue:

In Coop we had a player that disconnected more than twice and then never came back after that. I think it was a Gideon, so that was crap and then we “me being Kallari and a Greystone” took out the entire safe lane and for some reason he DC’d after that so it was 3 v 5. Someone decided to hit the surrender button, I think Gadget, then I did but both times they got denied. And then when we grouped up and took it to their turf we took out the offlane until the last inhibitor.

I ended up dying because they were closing in on us and they were exposed to out core. So it was 2 people defending the core from 7 minions and 5 people. I, being drained of hope played a game on my phone. I heard the “core being attacked” and was like “oh whatever, knew it was coming” and when I looked up it said “Victory” I thought it was a glitch but somehow our minions took out the opposing core…I have no idea what happened when I died but it was the luckiest game I’ve ever had in coop


I had a game just like that we were all just bming each other and i stole orb prime then we started working together. Kind of awesome how bad situations work out


This dropped a while back, and…well, tell me if Gadget sounds familiar.


:open_mouth: Why didn’t I notice that?!


What makes it really funny is that both characters are huge goddamn nerds.


Her ult is gonna make everyone piss their pants. I love it.


She is so dope! I hope I like her :smiley:

I just started to main Yin because her and Khaimera are the only ones I like


Her ult animation is so fluid, looks pleasing to the eye. And monolith is starting to look really good. I’m so happy about this character rn, I have such a huge grin lol


It’s also the first character to show their face during an Ult…remember that :wink:


I love how they had crunch go through her, that was super cool