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Sometimes I see comments how the PS4 playerbase holds back Paragon. It’s a bit true, but in my experiences, the PC players seem to end up being just as bad.


It also gives +.6 mana regen and +21 basic armor after leveled. Super good support card.

Edit: the armor buff goes with the health burst. So it only applies when the card is activated.


PC players can be so toxic its disgusting . Then they feed and blame us


Fixed that for you.


Well I see it happen more often with PS4 players on average but hey, what do I know? I only play the platform where most mobas are tailored for and as a result, have more skilled players in those games.


Its also the superiority complex too, its a toxic environment from what I’ve seen . Im mothing but friendly, although not all PC players are like that of course.


Not like I said all PC players, I’ve made some good friends. Just a lot of them assume since I’m ps4 I’m automatically horrible at the game
But you’re right gamers can be pretty damn toxic


>gets steel to 10% health as yin
>steel is 2 feet away from me
>murdock ults
>I call him an asshole
>He says he “secured it” because it was "“getting away”

ffs how can you be so stupid. The steel was literally TOUCHING ME and he thought “it was getting away”

It’s kind of hard not to have one when 80% of all players in this goddamn game are absolute garbage.

Like the above example or people that think Twinblast is a jungler or people that die between 10-20 times in a game. Or people that think Kill Stealing is perfectly O K. That’s most people I run across by the way, they think there is nothing wrong with kill stealing.


Oh the wonders of solo queue. :upside_down:


It drives me insane.

Hell having ONE friend with me (he’s a twinblast main) drives the game time from being 25-30 minutes on average in co-op (when we just want to have mindless fun) goes to 15 minutes.


:stuck_out_tongue: That may or may not be me. You have to start somewhere, right?


Which description applies to you? Pick wisely or suffer my wroth.

joking kinda


Yep, I don’t think anyone wants to suffer his wroth.


As a Sevarog/Khaimera main, I get fucking LIVID when people kill steal from me.


As them however you are in a great position to deny them kills for the rest of the game.

I do that as murdock. If they steal kills from me 2 times in a row, I deny them kills all game. they either leave my lane or get a ton of assists but no actual kills.


I mean, I can understand someone kinda spur of the moment rushing in, but there’s a point at which it gets annoying. Especially if I’m Jungling with Sev and they just come steal my Jungle Minion kills.


The only jungler/tank I actually like to play is Sevarog and it is annoying as hell when someone else just goes around taking minion kills and river buff.


Tell me, is Riktor any good? I tried him a few times, but I really just can not figure out how to make him effective. Any tips or advice?


Riktor is ok but I’m not good with tanks and I don’t play him very much.


It just seems difficult to land his Hook, and his melee buff and electro aura feel weak. His ult also annoys the shit out of me.