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She’s become the queen of splitpushing.
Go to a lane, push It up, once an enemy or two comes to stop you, or if a lane is being pushed against you, Ult to an enemy in another lane, then push that lane.
Push a lane and when a teamfigth starts you can keep pushing, and then Ult if you can secure a kill.


So she’s basically Loki from smite awesome -.- . Yeah i’m gonna stop playing her until they do something with her. She’s an OG character and hasn’t got any good skins in so long to’
She was my favorite character. Guess its shinbi and serath now


I hatetetete when when I get a kallari in draft. I have come across maybe 2 good ones and even then there’s a better choice. Sorry but I’m dodging. These people are usually too stupid to surrender too. Ill take the 4 minute ban thanks.


Nothing worse then a kallari that’s mastery 0 that refuses to change characters and feeds


By the way has anyone tried the new heal and blight cards, they’re kind of amazing.


What’re the cards called?


I tried playing her the other day for the first time, I don’t understand her Ult.


Kallari’s ult?


So thickblood applies a status effect blight and that reduces healing received by 40%
I need to test if this procs while greystone ult’s. I think it does reducing the health he gets when revived.
And there’s another (can’t remember the name) Basically it’s an aoe heal burst of 225 health. Great on supports.
Edit it’s quenching scales. Here


Yeah, Kallari’s ult. I don’t read up on the characters all that much, considering that the one with probably the most revealed Lore is one that’s hasn’t even been released (cough cough Witchdoctor cough cough). Thus meaning, I have next to no idea what I’m getting into when I pick a character.


They’re both Actives?


Ok so basically Kallari’s ult is a global ult. You can jump to any enemy hero on the map and do damage based on your power


When she activates her ult all enemies are revealed.
You can then target any living enemy and teleport to them, dealing damage upon arrival.


Here’s the card changes
A lot are universal now. I highly suggest you look through your deck and change things
Blight [Status Effect]
Reduced healing reduction from 75% to 40%.
Reduced duration from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
Ash of the Witch
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 6 CP
+12 Power
SLOW ON ABILITY HIT - Passive: Enemies hit by abilities are slowed by 150 move speed for 1 second.
Divine Shield
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 8 CP
+60 Max Mana
+4 Ability Armor
SPELL BLOCK - Passive: Block an enemy ability. (45 second CD)
Quenching Scales
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 4 CP
+50 Max Health
+30 Max Mana
MANA AURA - Passive: Grants 0.6 increased Mana Regen in a radius.
MAXED: TEAM HEAL - Active: Heal yourself and nearby allies for 225 health, granting 21 Basic Armor for 20 seconds. Cannot affect players more than once every 20 seconds. (80 second cooldown) [Mana Cost: 75]
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 6 CP
+100 Max Health
BURST CLEANSE - Passive: Taking 400 damage activates a self cleanse. Being out of combat for 5 seconds resets the counter. (2 second cooldown)
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 8 CP
+100 Max Health
+4 Ability Armor
DETERMINATION - Passive: Being hit by stuns, roots, and knockups grants a stack of health regen equal to 12% of your max health over 4 seconds.
Stinger Boost
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 6 CP
+60 Max Mana
+11 Attack Speed
EMPOWER BASIC - Passive: After hitting an enemy hero with an ability, your next basic attack deals 50 + (20% of Power) bonus damage. Can only occur once every 1.5 seconds.
Power Chord
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 6 CP
+6 Power
+5.5 Attack Speed
BLIGHT BASIC - Passive: Hitting an enemy with a basic attack applies Blight for 4 seconds.
Rework. Now Universal affinity.
Cost: 4 CP
+12 Power
+30 Max Mana
BLIGHT ABILITY - Passive: Hitting an enemy with an ability applies Blight for 4 seconds.
Nature’s Muse
Reduced cost from 7 CP to 6 CP.
Reduce mana cost from 150 to 100 mana.
Reduced cost from 6 CP to 5 CP
Increased distance from 1000 to 1500.
Stab Link
Increased distance from 1000 to 1500.
Reduced cost from 6 CP to 5 CP.
Plasma Channel
Reduced cost from 6 CP to 5 CP.
Increased shred per stack from 4 to 8.
Bubble Tap
Reduced mana cost from 100 mana to 60 mana.
Removed Lifesteal stat.
Now grants +60 Max Mana and +4 Ability Armor.
Bounty Stalker
Increased critical chance per stack from 4% to 6%.
Reduced max stack count from 10 to 7.
Increased stack duration from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.
Satori Cloak
Increased shred from 15% to 50%.
Megavolt Pylon
Increased mana restored per nearby unit from 5 to 15.
Dreadfeast Relic
Reduced cooldown from 120 seconds to 30 seconds.
Removed Mana Regen stat.
Now grants +6 Power.


@Deity_Pharaoh, @BearStream, are you serious!? Omgggggg I thought I had to have LOS on them. Ugh, okay, thanks. So many wasted Ults…


Doesn’t seem to affect my current decks, but I’ll definitely take a look at the Blight cards. Are they Universal?


I think most of them are. Thick blood is the best for ability based characters.


Silly Rapter


Awesome, thanks man. I’ll certainly check that one out.


1v1 me Rust