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So, basically a carry. Why don’t they just call it that?


The way you made it sound earlier was that Marauder was synonymous with Ranger.


She is, data mining a long time ago confirmed it.


Before I say anything I would like to know your definition of the word ranger in this context.


A hero that utilizes primarily ranged fire as opposed to melee. Examples of rangers would include Grim, Muriel, and Gideon. Examples of heroes who aren’t rangers would be Greystone, Sevarog, and Khaimera.


See when I define ranger I define it as a character that relies on ranged basic attacks for their damage.
I consider characters like Muriel and Gideon as Mages, or Casters. Characters that rely on ranged abilities for their damage/utility.


So… what I said?


Difference is you lumped all characters who focused on ranged.
I and most people I’ve come across separate them by if they use basic attacks or abilities for most of their damage/utility.


If they attack primarily from a range, they are rangers though, no?


I guess but not really, rangers in paragon refer to ADC’s
Characters that basic attack damage is their main source of dps. Lt Belica is ranged but she’s not a ranger she’s a caster


Basically my definition. Rangers would be Sparrow, TB, Dock, Grim, and the upcoming Revenant. They’re also called ADC’s, which groups them with Serath and Yin. I think people call Grey a carry but I’m not completely sure.


So what would Sevarog, Khaimera, and Grim be by those standards? They are my mains.


Sevarog and Khaimera would be Fighters.
Characters that do most of their damage through melee.
Grim is a ranger like stated before.


Okay, but there’s like, an assload more technical terms from what I understand. Jungler, Carry, Offlaner, all that other stuff. What would they fall into in subcategories such as that?


Jungler, heroes that do well in the jungle.
Carry, characters that start off weak but by the end of the game do a lot of damage and carry the team to victory.
Offlaner, characters that do well in the offlane. Typically they will be durable or elusive enough to survive the duo they face, and have a great ultimate.

If you go to the main paragon website you can see a bunch of classifications for what the heroes are.


I know what they mean. I’m asking what you would consider Sev, Grim, and Khai.


Sev is a tank fighter who excels in the Jungle and Offlane.
Khaimera is a fighter/assassin that really only best in the jungle. I personally wouldn’t use him anywhere else.
Grim is a Ranged Carry. Stay in safelane with your support and build up as much Card power as possible.


Thanks a lot.

Now, I’ve heard (I think, forgive me if I’m wrong) from @XMetrusX that Khaimera’s power is somewhat wasted in the Jungle. Why do you think he’s only worth Jungling?


In the offlane I don’t consider him durable enough to survive. Without any real escape he becomes an easy target.
In Mid lane there are just many more people better at mid laning that it isn’t worth being there.
And then Safe lane is for the carry and their support, anyone else their is a waste because of gold buff.

So the real only place is Jungle, where his health regen can actually be useful.


Speaking off Assassin’s .
Anyone think Kallari is pretty lackluster. I really think she needs a little more health, increased card scaling and just something needs to be done with that ult. I miss her old one so much, this new one sucks.
She’s supposed to be basic attack based but her base damage kinda sucks