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Your opinion is valid.
But saying anything and then using the forums to prove anything is not a good thing.



He used the excuse of YouTube comments and Reddit comments to point towards me being in a small minority. I simply pointed out that there are plenty whom agree with me, as most of the individuals on the Paragon forums do.

I didn’t use the forums to prove anything aside from that there are people who agree with me. I wasn’t saying that because they agree with me, I’m right. I’m simply saying that the “minority” is not as small as Ian thinks.


I’ve draft dodged more in the past week or two than I have in the past 3 months because of painfully incompetent people. I’ll take the 4 minute ban over a 40 minute game of me wanting to kms. I need teammates. :upside_down:

Edit: Thoughts on Shinbi? I haven’t played her too much so I guess I don’t have much to say but I’ve found her rather weak?


I’m still maining Khaimera and getting used to teammates (Coop v AI) they don’t play to my standards but looks like guess its good as I will get it


When people think kill stealing is OK and will fight you over you stealing theirs in kind :^)

also they don’t kill it kill stealing, they call it “assisting”.

also when you run into a countess that just runs 2 kinetic cards.


This is my morning: I couldn’t even figure out what this word was, I was pronouncing it “keel” and asking myself “What the fuck is a keel?” then I saw

I absolutely fucking hate it when I’m playing Khaimera and I’m jungling and someone comes up and starts taking all my kills. I don’t know if they are trying to help or whatever but I know that Khaimera can survive any type of minion attacks. If I know my limits I stay back, fucking outraged


When paragon crashes because of their shitty software and you get penalized :upside_down:

Paragon best game, 10/10, never an issue, not one.


You weren’t able to join back? I must be special because I can’t remember this ever happening to me.


No because when it crashed it was just before the draft closed so the draft was “aborted”.


Ah ok. Side note, I think the match making system is getting another overhaul. Pretty sure it was stated in their 2017 uodate.


I would appreciate an AI update so that my casual fun matches against the ai isn’t doing stupid shit like going 3 in left or mid and leaving right completely open.


Spent my remaining coins on keys just to see if I could get this. Squealing may have occurred.





That’s the one I wanted


My main issue with lootcrates is that they hand out masteries. I got a steel mastery in one

#thank you for giving me a mastery for a character I don’t like playing.

If it’s going to be in there, just give something like 75,000 rep instead, so that way you can get a mastery or card packs.


>gets a loot key after a match
>is excited
>opens it



Surprisingly I didn’t get any masteries when I opened mine.




Ok, I have never ever paid money to this game until tonight, but I decided to spend 20$ on it today and I actually got some cool shit.
1st thing was the Doomsday Steel skin (I don’t play steel but hey, god tier skin)
2nd thing was a 6 day rep bonus (wish it was exp but

3rd thing was the Energized dekker skin (don’t play dekker but hey it’s not a mastery)

At this point I got distracted and bought the Murdock snakebite skin (I love playing murdock, mastering him)

4th thing was The Meaning of Life emote (don’t like rampage, I like playing sevarog as my jungler/tank)

5th thing was the aqua snakebite skin
6th thing was teh red snakebite skin



#well color me excited

This seems to be a really strong hero coming up, her affinities make it seem to be that she can be build both as high dps and high durability/sustainability, and that on top of her being a melee ranger hybrid will make her very very strong I think.

Also I’m happy that after this we’ll start getting rangers again, I prefer being a ranger over a fighter personally so I’ll be happy once april comes round to see that dank new ranger.

when you and your friend are arguing as to who is going to main her.