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I don’t see why but ok.


That’s because an opinion is subjective.


I find seraph and aurora to be dissapointments but because they’re ok but not really that good.

Seraph early to early mid: you die if someone sneezes in your general direction.

Aurora: decent damage but very noob friendly and too forgiving to new players when they don’t use her properly. low damage because meh scaling on basic attack and one ability realistically doing the real damage apart from her great ult.


I can understand that.


Also kwang was disappointing. He’s OK at best, only during late mid game does he really start to shine. V. squishy early game for a melee.

and his bilities cost a lot to activate, which hurts his combo potential/


Kwang didn’t appeal to me either.

Edit: Although I do like Aurora, I feel that Muriel is a big counter to her. There’s a specific thing Muriel has that I can’t remember the name of that hardcounters Aurora’s Ult.


which one? is it the bubble shield or the ball?


It’s a card.


Oh I know what card it is.

Stasis Gem. makes you immune to everything for 2.5 seconds and roots you in place.

It’s a good card but very expensive to get.


No, I just found it. It’s Purity Censor.


S(h)inbi can always be my GFriend.

I’m so sorry everyone.

Edit: I doubt they are carbon copies. Similar(ish?) names mean nothing and they’re facial features have differences. Their voices aren’t similar at all too. She’s based on a kpop idol and that’s pretty much it. And I’ve seen multiple comments on YT and reddit saying that Shinbi is pretty cool and only a few disappointed ones. You’re a small majority.


Aurora is pretty annoying as shit to fight against. Especially if your teammates seemed to be absolutely mental. She’s the reason I’ve been losing so much with Fey. I do think she needs nerfed. Way too much powerful cc and elusive af.


The Paragon forums mostly agree with me.


The paragon forums isn’t the best thing to compare with yourself.


The paragon forums and their facebook is like the overwatch forum. You just don’t. Literally saw a very serious thread on the ow forum complaining that the boob sizes are too small.


Okay, well you guys have your opinions on her and I have mine. I dislike her extremely.


The paragon forums are absolutely the worst. Full of randoms that can’t play the game and think that if you leave once in a game you should be permabanned without thinking about bad internet or anything else. :upside_down:


Are you saying that the opinion that I hold isn’t valid because unsavory individuals agree with it?


not unsavory individuals, randos.

Randoms are baaaaaaaadddd

so so bad at the game.


Using the paragon forums as a source for anything practically makes any point invalid to me.