Paragon Game (Main Discussion Topic)


My buddies that I usually play with got their masteries for Gideon and Twinblast whereas I’m over here wth 3 people at level 6 and another 4 at level five.


Why do people in this game find kill stealing acceptable? It’s so fuckin annoying man.


They should just create a system where each hit on the enemy/minion/inhibitor/tower awards points to characters separately for how many times the smashes it instead of passing it


It’s really stupid, every time I go off by myself for a casual match in co-op I get people that are absolute garbage that I have to carry by myself to keep us from losing in the first 20 minutes, and then I lose a decent chunk of health (if there’s one thing bots can do, it’s damage [aimbots >.>]) trying to kill someone, they steal the kill.

They should just award reputation on a percentage based system. I did 95% of the damage, I get 95% of the reputation and xp. I don’t get the kill but that’s not really important.


Suddenly I main Iggy


Eh…it’s a cool skin but eh…


It’s a GLORIOUS skin.

Too bad I’m shit with him.


Yeah I think i’ve touched him once and that was in Legacy. Maybe I’ll throw a deck together and play solo bots. By the time this skin comes out hopefully he’ll be a lot more balanced.


Awww yeah Hello Mudank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kpop is like kinda sorta my life so I relate to this so much ahwhagsjjans


I absolutely hate her. I’m just laughing at all the people who wanted a, “Badass wolf summoning hunter”.


I like her, she seems interesting.


I mean, I’m sure she will be cool, but that was the lamest trailer for a hero yet and I hate her deisgn.



I can’t wait until ranked. Ive gotten so much bad teammates in this day alone. I’ve gone from +38 elo to +1. Did poorly in a game(because I already gave up)and had a grim say assists don’t mean shit when I said I’ve gotten 20+. Yay me

Edit: ive been playing a ton of fey lately so assists are kind of a big deal


Can’t win them all.


They also don’t have to give us shit. I’m not the only one who thinks this.


The Kpop theme is nice. Also she looks like she’ll be decent.


The coolness of the K-Pop theme is subjective.


Besides she looks like she’ll be a good assasin.


Her gameplay looks great, but the character itself is utter shit as a concept. And I heard from multiple sources she’s supposed to be Kwang’s sister? Lol fuckin okay.

Also, this.

She’s meant to essentially be a carbon copy of this chick with minor differences, even the name. This is the first character I’ve truly been dissapointed with in awhile.