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Sevarog can only build stacks with Siphon. I tested it.


Was literally just playing as him. He builds stacks with any ability,


Show me then, because I’ve been doing it and it’s not working with any of his other abilities.


Can’t record currently but this is directly from the Monolith update patch notes:

Soul Stack
Soul Stacks are now generated whenever Sevarog kills a Hero or a minion with any of his abilities.

Literally copy+pasted that.


He can build soul stacks with any damaging ability.
You have to make sure they kill the target and it will work, but you have to have Siphon leveled up at least once.


Basically, Greystone has less slow and damage on his ult and receives less health gain from his passive Stoic.
Steel does less damage with is ult and has less scaling.
Sparrow gains attack speed with every level now.


Patch note day!


Fixed visual bugs associated with buff orbs.

Weekly Card Pack
Offensive Maneuvers
Blight Bones
Mind Flow


Fixed various animation bugs on Heroes.

Base damage reduced to 180/260/340 from 220/320/420.
Slow reduced to 550(inner)/125(outer) from 650(inner)/175(outer).
No longer refills Mana.
Fixed a bug where Reforged did not gain card scaling.
Now 0.75.

Health reduced to 70/140/210/280 from 85/170/255/340.

Added “Jungle Jog” emote to in-game store.

Added “Meaning of Life” emote to in-game store.

Added Morning Star Serath to in-game store.

Shield Slam
Base damage reduced to 210/320/430 from 230/350/470.
Card scaling reduced to 0.9 from 1.2

Attack speed per level to 2.8 from 0.


Nice little joke there with Serath. Sneezing to let out inner demons.


Not as much changes as I’d like. Steel’s ult is still gonna last forever and grey is just gonna be slightly less harder to kill. Sparrow buff seems interesting so that’s good for whoever uses her.

Still would like Riktor, Countess, and Grim buffs.



Did that opposing Khai towards the beginning have victory torch? Yikes


I believe so. Those guys weren’t very good.


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I. Hate. Muriel. So. Fucking. Much.

This is because of last night with @Hal0. The guys we were facing were well communicated. I’d engage as Khaimera, get two or three people really low, then Muriel would ult and save them. Every. Fucking. Time. I was only able to get two kills in the entire 1 hour match.


I’m on now @Shunty o/

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Alrighty then Shuntz >.<

Hope all goes well ^^

I would get White Tiger Greystone but Tigers are cats >_<

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The one that makes him on stone and lava like is cooler js :eyes: