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By being a top predator they keep the herbivore population in check, which keeps the plant life from getting overbrowsed which allows them to retain a healthy foliage so they can reproduce another generation, allowing the animals that rely on it to survive.


Hm, alright. Thanks for the clarification. I will no longer call into question the existence of bears.


Which heroes (dunno if they’re called that) are “casters”?

My last task for my weekly challenge is to win 4 matches as a caster but I’m not sure who counts as one since there is no class called caster when I look at the website or in-game. By class I mean things such as ganker, assassin, controller, etc.


that spooky plant might count.

and grux is great at jungling.


Gideon is a caster.


Gideon and Countess are ones, I think so is narbash but not too sure if I’m remembering it correctly


My camper was hanging in that first little spawn of jg minnions by my tower, and just wait. and wait. and then when im clearing the tower he would come around the corner take all the cs and then retreat back to that same spot.

And he came into lane only to die.


I played him yesterday and it didn’t increase the task progression

Edit: Now I think about it, pretty sure 2 people went afk and lost us the match which might explain why it didn’t count


Classic teammates!


Countess, Gadget, Gideon, Belica, Narbash, The Fey, Muriel, Dekker, and maybe one or two others that I am forgetting.
Oh, Iggy and Scorch.


I like sereth, but that first game we had i used her basic kit… eww… no armor… and the enemy hurt me… the hurt me bad.


@XMetrusX you still on?


I mean having a major issue with this game regarding my TV. I’m projecting it on my television, using it as a larger monitor for me, but my mouse reappears whenever I turn, always at the corners. So if I right click or left click whilst the cursor is there, it freezes me up because it thinks I’m clicking something other than the game. The game itself fits the screen perfectly however!

I’m at my wit’s end. Can anyone help? I swear, if I die because I was trying to make a fast turn and slippery-slide myself out of there again, I’m going to put my fist through my fucking TV.


Oh hey sorry I have to get off now



I have run into mouse detection problems and it always stems from screwing with the windows… so lets say your full screen, and you jump out to something real quick on your desktop or what not…

when I change my window size, the mouse stays mapped to only one point until I return to full screen. then it acts wonkey at times until a new game is started.


I’m not understanding what you mean.


imagine the game screen is one large hitbox.

when you reduce the size of the screen into a smaller window or alt-tab away from the game paragon,

that hitbox i mentioned can go out of whack and misaligned and even though the game seems fine when returning to full screen, artifacts of the hitbox screw up are still present until a new game is started.


I didn’t reduce the screen size or alt-tab.


Thoughts on this Khaimera deck?


I also no longer trust @Trollogrefey, as he hath lied to me about my main.