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This is the website where you can sign up for the beta.

It’s gonna be buy to play.

They’ll be doing online testing starting in January and taking people who signed up for the beta on their website.

Early access is spring 2016 open beta is summer 2016

Anyone who signs up for the beta will get to test it before the open beta they said.


Is the beta available to ps4 players? I know its coming out on it.


I believe it is.


YAY! I was just watching YouTube and got an ad for this, but I didn’t skip it because it looked so cool.


It’s a PS4/PC game no Xbone so there is no reason it shouldn’t be.


Steel crush all


Sparrow will put an arrow through your eye, robosassin will stab you in the back and Mage dude will drop a rock on your face.


Well I just wanted to confirm.


Yeah I get that. I’m not sure but I’d be extremely surprised if they didn’t have the betas on both PS4 and PC.


This looks as fun as Evolve if it were a 3rd person shooter. Not bad. I can see and imagine the potential. Looking forward to watching more gameplay.


Homeboi with the twin shotties is officially my main.


They’re Pistols ;-;

I think


Look like pistols to me.


Who ever the person who flies in the air is gonna be awesome. :heart_eyes:


The explosion guy or the angel?


Another Moba?
At least it isn’t in a fantasy/mythological setting like the other big mobas are.


Looks like it’s main competition is gonna be overwatch and battleborn is gonna be left picking up the scraps.


What happened to Fortnite?


Probably the angelic one.