Paragon, early access starts today!


Been following this Moba for a couple months, got a founders pack and one for a friend. Anybody else in this? It will be f2p but the early access is 20$. For me it’s nice to have a 3d Moba that isn’t smite, good for a change. So, who’s in?


I should be in, really excited to try it, looks exciting!!!


My username on the paragon launcher is s0ul99 that’s a zero not an o, feel free to add!!


I downloaded the game two days ago but probably won’t be playing it till it’s official release. It’s sorta like an investment to me, and I’m not too sure how it’s going to turn out so I’m not buying in yet.


Id like to get the early access but its just to reliant on team members for me to play


I know them feels bruh, luckily solo queue in overwatch has conditioned me to accept even the most hated of scrub pug fates lol

I’ve got a couple friends in so prob won’t be solo all the time


But it’s not on Xbox. ._.


Nope, PC and PS4 exclusive.


I hate its card system.


That’s why I’m angry. >:C


Well, you could always buy a PS4 or PC.


It’s on PS4? Let me know how it is, I’ve only just got into Smite and I love it!!!


Message me on PSN. I need to send you a friend request.


I wish I could afford one.

In a place were tips don’t exist, and I work extra hours, getting some money can be tough. And tiresome.


I’m down!!! What’s you’re PSN? I’m still fairly noobish at Smite, only picked it up last week. :stuck_out_tongue:
My mic isn’t the best, so bare with me.


I’m S-hunty_1967 on PSN. Won’t be on for a few days due to work.


I feel you. I wish exclusive games didn’t exist, well, not console specifics. Some of the best games on both sides are exclusives, it sucks.


Tell me about it. I’m working 7 hours a day for the next 7 days.


I’m working almost 12 hours every day. :C I hate living in Australia.


Geesh! That’s ridiculous!