Paragon! :D


So lately my buddies and I have been playing this game Paragon that recently (I beleive a week ago…?) became an open beta and we’ve been playing the hell out of it. I mostly play assault type characters like Greystone, Khaimera and Kallari but also I play Narbash which is a pure support character and I absolutely love him.

Just look at him, how can you not love this fun little drummer? :D

I was wondering if anyone else on here was playing this? :slight_smile:


Memememememe. Yeah I play it. Too bad Narbash is poo lol. I like Muriel and Sevarog the most. I also play Grim, Riktor, Fey, and Howie. And a bit of Khaimera too.


Nah, he’s alright, you just got to build him with a lot of mana and have good coordination with your team like when to back off etc.

If you play him right you can get some good supporting in there.

Problem is is that I see almost every player trying him is trying to play him like an assault character which he isn’t.

Although I will say that his HoT ability, while good, costs way wayyyyy too much mana.


Yeah thats what I was referring too. Doesn’t pay off at all unfortunately.


I think for him a decrease in mana cost would be GOLDEN for him.

As is though he’s pretty good mid-> late game because of the amount of mana you get as a result to be able to pay off that cost and use it to great effect.


Yeah, he’s definitely team fight oriented. Circlet of Mana and Mending Bloom would be really helpfull too.

Edit: Actually I think it’s called Overflowing Gifts. Mending Bloom is different. Woops hah


Currently in my deck I added the Circlet of health since it adds a 4.2 hps to everyone near me AND I have overflowing gifts which definitely helps with that HoT.



Overall he’s a really good and well designed character but I think his HoT needs a cost decrease but overall he’s really solid, not much for damaging the enemy but more for supporting people. Although I love his Ult since it does massive damage which helps you take out enemies that are harassing a low player.

My mains are though Greystone, Khaimera and Kallari cause I love assault characters so me liking Narbash is highly unusual.


I wish his drums played a bigger role though too. I was expecting some big booming noises with all of his abilities but it’s mainly just with his ult.


Narbash is my dude.


I love the sound of the song with The Song of my People :D

I do a funny voice each time I do it which annoys my buddies xD

His ult is amazingly fun though

EDIT: specifically a stereotypical african accent xp


The ending boom and the knock up is super satisfying.


for me the damage is satisfying as hell.

I know I’m not supposed to get kills with him but helping finish a running opponent or saving someone’s ass from a pesky Murdock is so satisfying.

I get at least 2-3 kills a match, maybe 4 or 5 but it’s not my priority.


I downloaded this for my PS4, it seemed pretty cool but bland to me when I played it a month or so ago. But that could have been because I only really played a couple of games against the AI to cut my teeth on and then never got any further than that,


Play with buddies, it’s super fun :D

I don’t care for moba style games but I like this one. Very simplistic and easy to understand which was something I had issues with Dota 2, league, and Smite.

Also the screen isn’t cluttered to hell, huge issue I had with other mobas


Although I have a question to those that have played this more than me, What kind of deck should I build for Kallari? I’m not sure where to go with her since she’s basically greystone but super squishy. I know what to do with Khaimera but not her.


I never play Kallari, so I wouldn’t know. She’s kind of regarded as the worst hero right now. If I had to say, I’d guess mostly damage and attack speed. I think building some health over lifesteal is probably better too.


That’s what I do but unfortunately she’s too squishy. v_v

She’s really fun but I prefer my man, Greystone.

My best character :D

Once got a 20-0-8 score one game :D

I’ve gotten higher in solo and Coop games but that’s nothing too big to brag about I think.


Almost every game, my teammates are just so bad. Idk the last time I’ve had a good enjoyable team.


Is this a top-down MOBA type thing lol LoL or HoTS or whatever?