Paper Mario Color Splash and Sticker Star


So, the new trailer for Paper Mario Color Splash has been out for a while and there’s already videos of the gameplay and so far I’m severely disappointed with the direction the Paper Mario series are going.

Let’s talk about Sticker Start first. You don’t know how excited I got when I heard that another Paper Mario game was coming, both Paper Mario 64 and Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door are games that I deeply loved and were part of my childhood, so I was pretty excited when I heard about Sticker Star. So then I watched the trailer and my concerns started to grow, but I was like: “You know that, don’t be quick to judge, maybe they are hiding a lot of awesome stuff!”, then I saw videos of the gameplay and I noticed that Mario didn’t have partners anymore, I also noticed that all the NPC were toads and the RPG elements were completely removed…

Nevertheless, I still decided to buy the game and well, I was really disappointed. All the things that made the Paper Mario games great were removed, no partners, no rich characters, no story, no RPG elements, really limited maps, etc. To be honest, it looks like they were aiming to make the game for a really young audience and by that I mean that the gameplay is REALLY colorful, fun and random. I think that a person who hasn’t played the original games would enjoy this game. I’m not saying this game is bad, because to be honest, I had some fun playing it, but is just not Paper Mario anymore, I don’t think it really deserves that title.

So now we have Paper Mario Color Splash, I actually hoped this game would finally be more like the original ones, but so far it doesn’t look like it. I watched videos of the gameplay and so far I’m seeing the same issues Sticker Star had, no partners, no interesting characters, no story (just a super simple premise) and no RPG elements. I’m so sad about this, it looks like they’re completely focusing on the gameplay and on flashy stuff that can attract young audiences.

Again, I’m not saying these new games are bad, they have a lot of good stuff like graphics, music, pretty crazy battle system, etc. But they just aren’t Paper Mario anymore, at least for me. I think the Devs thought TOO out of the box and just forgot what was inside it, I mean, there’s a freaking piggy bank sticker that dances to dubstep for god’s sake! T_T

I want a deep story, I want unique partners with unique abilities, I want to level up and choose my own weapons, I want to choose specific skills for my character, I want star spirits or crystal stars that can aid me in battle, I want open maps, I want unique NPCs, I want my beloved franchise back. :cry:

Sorry, I guess I’m just venting, but anyways, this is just my opinion and I want to hear yours. Do you like these new Paper Mario games? If you played the original games, do you like the direction in which the new games are going?

Thank you for reading! :smiley:

Trailer for Paper Mario Splash:

Trailer for Sticker Star:


eh i’d rather just stick with ttyd


I really want to play it again, but I don’t have a Game Cube anymore, I miss it so much! :cry:


if you have a wii it should work on that you just need a gamecube control I think with an adapter or something


You can?? That’s awesome! But sadly, the only things I have now is my 2DS, XboxOne and PC. :cry:

I’m still waiting for a remastered Ttyd for 3DS, that will be one of the happiest days of my life.


how does one remaster paper?


I don’t know, maybe add some stuff here and there and improve the graphics? xD

I just want it on 3DS. xD


I would be all in for it even though I still have a copy and a gamecube just so I can play it where I want



thoughts on super paper Mario?


I actually liked it, although I felt like they started to focus more on gameplay since that game, nevertheless, it was still the same old Paper Mario I love!

But I enjoyed Paper 64 and Ttyd a lot more :slight_smile:


I’ve never finished super because I just got so lost near the end and gave up but I do enjoy ttyd the most never played 64


64 is just as good!! I do know that you can download it on Eshop!! It’s super fun!!


what eshop? wii u/ wii or 3ds


On Wii and Wii U I believe :open_mouth: