Palnell can't aim down sight? [not a bug]



Why can’t Paladin Parnell aim down sight with his shotgun like regular Parnell can? I’m right clicking and nothing is happening, there is no reason why he can’t aim down his ‘sight’.

Also is his reload speed bugged? I’m taking max reload perks and his reload still feels very long

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It’s a “close range” shotgun so there’s no reason to aim down the sights, AFAIK it’s by design.
You can with his rockets still.


All the shotguns in the game (except Rabe’s for secondary fire reasons) can aim down sight. Why is Palnell’s shotgun any different?


This is by design. We don’t want him gaining anything from zoom to help him long range :slight_smile:


Because they made it that way? @Insane_521 maybe you can clarify why?

His shotgun is used like Slim’s Leech Gun in that it will damage the Monster and also lower the cooldown on your personal Heal Burst.

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Because arbitrary rule simulator 2016


But Slim’s shotgun can aim down sight, Palnell’s acts almost exactly the same way. I don’t see why he’s not allowed to ads?


Because he’s ultimately a close range Medic.


So is Slim… he has a shotgun…


Slim has a Leech Gun, not a shotgun.



Devs were already nice enough to clarify that this is a design choice for the character and not a bug, and so I’m going to close this one down.